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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. frankrondaniel
    I likewise purchased my Mullards from Upscale - good place to buy them.
  2. fobboy
    How long did it take for your tubes to ship from upscale audio?  My order still says awaiting fulfillment from 2 days ago/
  3. abvolt
    usually when I place an order it only takes 3 -5 days & it's at my door..
  4. rick216
    Did you guys get the tubes cryogenically treated?
  5. zeloutre
    Just received Mullard tubes for the tp, platinum grade, cryo treated. I have no point of comparison to the other options (gold, no cryo) so cannot say if it changes anything. Went for the 'pour a bit more money just in case' stupidity syndrome. In the end the sound is incredible.
  6. malla1ml
    What does everyone use to clean their tubes?  DeoxIT gold vacuum tube survival kit?  Or something else?
  7. groovyd
    I used Deox red to clean and then gold for the gold pins.  It did a good job of removing oxidation from the NOS Mullard pins but to be honest they came practically like new and needed very little cleaning.
  8. rick216
    Are these the mullard tubes you guys have?
  9. frankrondaniel
    This is what I have:
    I'm not sure if they're the same as what you found on ebay.
  10. Dogmatrix
    They are the same tube
    Also M8136 Mullard is identical construction but domestic issue rather than gov surplus
    Langrex UK have both types
  11. abvolt
    I have not tried the cryo treated yet but soon I'm getting a pair just to see if there's a difference,I'll let you know when I get them..
  12. mikroski
    I consider to buy WA7tp. And need some advise from users. How much it will improve from standard power supply, in case that I use its stock tube for WA7tp?
    Which area does it make an improvement (sound stage, clarity, details, bass, mid, high)?
    I have no idea about tube, and when I search in ebay, I found thousand of tubes and not know which good which bad. Noted that I live in Asia, and not comfortable to order tube from on line store in US.
    Thank you for any comment. And will be more appreciate if anyone can recommend 12AU7 tube on Ebay with good performance
  13. abvolt
    It will improve the quality in all areas you mentioned plus it will give you the added benefit of tube rolling which lets you customize the sound the way you like. It is well worth the added cost, Just a few different tubes will make all the difference..  ( Lol -->I live in Asia, and not comfortable to order tube from on line store in US. funny but I understand)..
  14. Dogmatrix
    I have been slowly rolling back and forth between stock Woo Select tubes and subs working on a big comparison post , came across something special so I will do a quick summary
    Raytheon 12au7 long gloss black plates , nothing special and four out of five threw an arc would rate as a downgrade from stock
    Philips Mini Watt 12au7 , nice tube very clean clear sound but only marginal upgrade from stock
    GE Mobile Radio 6680/12au7a , this one was the big surprise big lift in weight and the most articulate bass I have heard so far . Compared to the Sylvania 5814a it has even more punch which extends across the full range . Highly recommended , can be tricky to find the Mobile Radio version but they are cheap (I paid $50 Au for a sleeve of five nos inc shipping)
    So far in order of preference
    GE Mobile Radio 6680/12au7
    Mazda E82cc (silver slotted plate)
    RCA 12au7 (clear top)
    Sylvania 5814A
    Woo Select 12au7 (stock)
    Philips Mini Watt 12au7
    Super Radiotron 12au7
    GE JG 5814A
    Raytheon 12au7
    I have a pair of Mullard CV4003 (box plate) on the way and will post my full comparison once they have been assessed
  15. HiFiGuy528
    @Dogmatrix  nice to see our stock tubes compares well.  [​IMG]
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