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Woo Audio WA7TP (tube power supply) Impressions Thread

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by warrenpchi, Apr 20, 2014.
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  1. abvolt
    You've got a nice set of tubes, I think you'll find that mullards will be the favorites out of all, anxious to hear your impressions..
  2. mikroski
    Thanks abvoit!! After post, I think that, ok I should trust all comments of headfier here. So I jump to store yesterday afternoon (East Asia time). Leave it on and play Isotek burn-in for around 20 hours.
    I think that it sound more fluid, more sound like single end tube amp compare to PSU, and what I appreciate most is its background that very good. Happy now and will start for adding some tubes

    This is very good, thank you very much
  3. abvolt
    Very cool glad to hear you like..
  4. johnKenneth

    I know someone who ordered from Singapore Adelphi. If you live there, try it. It is one of the biggest shopping mall full of audiophile devices and accessories.
  5. mikroski
    Thanks, anyhow, I live in Thailand [​IMG]
    Just order NOS SYLVANIA JAN 5814A today. One thing I do hate about tp is its push button. Feel like cheap equipment.
  6. abvolt
    I would agree with you that the power button doesn't feel like other amps, But remember Woo Audio does have a stellar reputation so I'm sure it's just as it should be fine. Also glad to hear your getting yourself some tubes to try awesome..
    I understand you don't like buying in the US market but these people are really excellent I don't know anything about their shipping policy you could check them out. This is where I get my vintage mullards CV4003's..
    -->  http://www.upscaleaudio.com/mullard-cv4003-12au7-vintage-new-old-stock/
  7. mikroski
    Thank you very much, very appreciate for your kindness
    I will keep Mullard in my short list with Genalex Gold Lion and RCA Clear Top.
    I will wait until I get SYLVANIA and see whether I like it or not. I just pre-order Audeze EL-8, it's a blind buy. So I will wait until I get EL8 in March, then it will be a time for tube rolling. [​IMG]
  8. johnKenneth
    Have you tried the Woo Audio with Audio Technica ATHMsr7?  I asked because you seem to have a lot of Audio Technica's.
  9. fudgebucket27
    My Sylvanias came! Just gotta wait for my WA7tp to cool down before I put these bad boys in :)
  10. abvolt
    very cool I'm sure you'll enjoy give us your impressions after you've had some time with them.. 
  11. mikroski
    Dear  John, I never try WA7 with ATHMsr7.
    I'm considering between Mullard and GE. Have no idea on both [​IMG]. Will both tubes be an upgrade from Silvania? Or just a different sonic?
    Anyhow, I'm happy with stock tube for vocal. But I need more clarity for contemporary jazz and classical music
    I took picture of this combo yesterday
  12. HiFiGuy528
    beautiful shot!  
  13. rage3324
    Is there a recommended gauge for the tube power supply cord? I am not trying to spend a fortune on the cord, just looking to get started. I have a few extra PS3/PC IEC cords around but am willing to spend $20 on a starter cable
  14. abvolt
    Really nice pics of your WA7/tp, I listen to a lot of jazz also the I found the vintage Seimans E82CC/12AU7 to work great, very clear mids and the bass is one of the best i've heard. After a time of listening to your amp with different tubes you may find that the Woo stock tubes are harsh they are for me at least..
  15. Dogmatrix
    Certainly more a question of different sonic more than upgrade with all the tubes
    Magnitude of difference is high with the Sylvania compared to the other 12au7 types so that will give you an idea on how much change you can get
    For me the RCA cleartop gave the best clarity but I have not tried the Mullard yet
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