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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. leftside
    I had the LCD-3 until last Friday. They were sold, and I picked up the Stellia on Monday. I also have the LCD-4. I used to run 6BL7 or TS 5998 + ECC33 or ECC35 and Cossor 53KU fat base with the LCD-3.

    The Auteur will compliment the LCD-3 nicely. They have quite a different sound signature. I had them for a while, but ended up selling them to help fund the LCD-4.
  2. Joao Paulo Martins
    Congratulations for your new headphones, they are excellent choice.

    Here in Brazil, it's difficult to have one of these. Warranty, taxes and custom stuff.
  3. Pharmaboy
    The NOS tubes I purchased w/the amp are matched pair RCA JAN 6C8G + 2 Woo adapters w/pigtail that attaches on top. They look fantastic & the amp sounds quite good as is. No idea if these 6C8Gs can be improved on or not.

    First up are swapping in the recently purchased 6BL7GTAs (2, 1 in each power tube slot) + NOS Mullard GZ34 5AR4. Then I'll check the sound. My objectives (beyond just playing around) are to get a bit more bass presence, possibly a little more on top of the treble. The mids are pretty fantastic as is...

    BTW, I do have 2 planars that may tax this amp.
    • One is the ZMF Ori, a real power hog. I may not even bother trying it on the WA22, no matter what tubes are in it. I'm extremely happy w/the sound I get out of the V281 on that, also very good results on the Liquid Carbon v2 (small but potent amp).
    • The other is more efficient: a "unicorn" pre-fazor LCD-2.1, one of the older ones. Again, I get great sound on this via SS, also from the Woo WA3 (its impedance is 70 ohms, which I find is high enough to benefit from an OTL). I will try the LCD-2.1 on the WA22.
      • Another planar is quite efficient (HEX v2). Already briefly tried it on the WA22 w/good results.

    Re ECC35s, 2 questions for any who use these:
    1. Are ECC35s considered better than the 6C8Gs I'm currently running? If yes, what sonic gains could I expect?
    2. And would I need an adapter for them? The only ECC tube listed in the WA22 manual is the ECC32 (no adapter required)

    Thanks to everyone here for a most informative thread (a real learning experience).
  4. Pharmaboy
    I had a beautiful/old pre-fazor LCD-3, recently sold it. Lovely headphone, but I put the money toward WA22 + Empyrean.

    I'll bet the Auteur sounds amazing on this amp. Never heard this particular combination. The Aeolus (open-back variant of Atticus) certainly sounded good on the WA22 w/Verite pads.

    One HP I'm dying to hear on this amp is the ZMF Eikon (have a beautiful padauk pair). May wait on that until new tubes are in.
  5. Pharmaboy
    I can't even imagine how many tubes you must have!!
  6. leftside
    I'd run those current tubes for a while before getting the ECC35's. The tubes you have are good. No adapter required for the ECC35. You can also run the ECC33 no problem and ECC31 (with adapter).

    What's the sensitivity of the ZMF Ori? With 4 6BL7's and 2 ECC35's you might be able to run them just fine. That combo worked great with the LCD-3 with sensitivity of 102dB/1mw, but still not quite enough for the LCD-4 with sensitivity of 105dB/1mw.
  7. Pharmaboy
    Thanks for the advice! Glad to have an excuse to not keep buying NOS tubes to replace NOS tubes I already have (another definition of "insanity")

    ZMF doesn't publish specs for the Ori. Fostex' specs for the T50RP MK3 planar (of which the Ori is an extensive mod/rebuilt/revoice) are
    50 ohms resistance + 92 dB sensitivity. = a power hog headphone, the most power-demanding HP I've heard IMS (but totally worth it...that's another story).

    Here's a rough example of what that means:
    • On my V281, to get moderately loud volume w/my pre-fazor LCD-3 required the big stepped volume pot be at 10:00-10:30 AM on the dial
    • For the Ori, equivalent volume required ~12:00-12:30 on the same dial

    My guess is the LCD-3 would be fine on the WA22 (no longer have it so can't check). But the Ori probably would not be fine.

    And that's totally OK w/me. Powering planars is what my SS amps are made for...
  8. leftside
    Oh don't worry - I'll have plenty of tubes to suggest in a month or two, but just enjoy those current tubes you have for a while :)
  9. Kamingjackchan
    7698C7B3-8E19-4C05-8B83-31201BB9AA43.png A89AF298-590B-4C61-A863-509F14A65783.jpeg Can I ask some question ..
    I have wa22 this amp I very like it..
    but I don’t have good DAC ...
    for now I only have chord mojo to wa22..
    My setup is Computer to mojo and wa22 headphone is lcd-xc... I have used around 7 months.. sounds feel good..but yesterday some people say I need buy other DAC..
    He say mojo DAC is like toy.. he say tabletop DAC is better... but I don’t which one tabletop DAC is good and price I want under $1500.. someone can you recommend to me? Thanks you
    And my friend recommend Yulong da10..
    This DAC is from China..
  10. SoLame
    You liked what you have heard for the past 7 months. Why let someone else change that now! :ksc75smile:
  11. Joao Paulo Martins
    Try to extende your price point to a used Hugo2, will be aweasome !
  12. Kamingjackchan
    .. Maybe I want to be try..
    I even have tabletop DAC..
  13. Kamingjackchan
    Hugo 2 used one around $1600-1800
    But new one eBay around $2100
    I want try tabletop DAC
  14. Contrails
    How about you keep your current DAC and maybe buy a nice Turntable to compliment the DAC? This way you can have the best of both worlds.
  15. Kamingjackchan
    Thanks you ideas.. I will keep my mojo ..
    mojo is good . and easy to go connect to phone .
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