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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. abvolt
    yes I have all of them I roll different tubes and try new combos all the time, the ecc35's are one of my favorite variants of the 6sn7..
  2. leftside
    You can get ECC35's for reasonable prices from reputable dealers. The early versions (late 40's to early 50's) are very expensive due to their rarity value, but later ones are cheaper and sound just as good (to my ears). The LCD-3 really appreciate the extra gain with the ECC35.
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  3. attmci
    Same gain as the one I listed earlier today. And I have other favorites. :)

    I have the ECC tubes, but I will use Fivre and other tubes to replace these over-priced ones.

    Just like I prefer clear-top 5998 to 421A.
  4. leftside
    From what I can tell, the clear-top/bottom micas 5998 is the same tube as the 421A. Construction appears exactly the same to me. The clear-top/bottom mica 5998 seem about as rare as the 421A today.

    The later 1970's and 1980's 421A is definitely made by Western Electric as Tung-Sol as a company were no longer around by then.
  5. attmci
    See the attached file.

    Need to find out the relationship between the Chatham and WE (a Bell company).

    "Chatham Electronics Div was latterly a Division of Tung-Sol Electric Inc, Livingston, NJ. This in turn was part of Wagner Electric Corp in 1966 finally acquired by Studebaker in 1967. The Chatham organisation manufactured equipment but the tubes owe more to Tung-Sol as Chatham was not independent of their parent company."

    The 1967 merger that created the company was arranged by the entrepreneur Derald Ruttenberg, who took the risk of buying Studebaker despite the liabilities that came with it, including dealer warranties and union agreements. He saw that Onan generators and STP engine additives were healthy businesses. The large tax loss was also valuable. Worthington was expected to continue to earn steady profits, but could use the tax loss to avoid paying taxes.[6]

    "The stockholders of Studebaker and Worthington approved the merger despite rumors that the Federal Trade Commission considered the merger would be "substantially anti-competitive". The combined 1966 gross revenues of the two companies had been $672 million, with net income of $24.5 million.[7] Studebaker was acquired by Wagner Electric, which in turn was merged with Worthington Corporation to create Studebaker-Worthington.[8] The merger was completed in November 1967, creating a company with $550 million of assets.[9] The combined company included the profitable divisions from Studebaker, brake and electrical automobile component manufacturing from Wagner Electric, and diverse operations from Worthington that included manufacture of construction equipment, valves and power generation plant.[5]"

    Did they spin off some divisions during the merge?

    WE do have a history to design tubes to support the phone company.

    Link to the old debate.
    Last edited: Dec 20, 2018
  6. leftside
    Right, so 421A tubes after 1967 must be Western Electric as Tung-Sol was no longer a company.
  7. attmci
    The detailed structures between the 57 Clear-top 2399 and the 56 WE 421A are different.

    All mine clear-top tubes were produced in 57. Strange.
  8. davehg
    I recently added a Roon Nucleus to my system, which now controls my modded SB3/TriVista DAC. Roon ships with an Audeze DSP filter for all of their models, so I fired up the filter for the LCD3. What do you know - it improved the pairing with the WA22. So much so that I preferred this pairing to the Focal Clear. But I still dug the HD650 pairing with the WA22 too.

    I’m only a few days into using the Roon Nucleus but I am totally sold on this setup for my digital sources. Integrates wonderfully with Tidal and controls all my home systems. Just need to play with a new DAC to see what can be improved.
  9. FYB-2
    That's good to read. Got an Intel Node(?) for Xmas and will be running with Roon after the New Year.
    Last edited: Dec 23, 2018
  10. paulomario77
    Roon is great, isn't it? A whole new way to consume music. As my FLAC library is relatively small (~500 CDs), my Core runs on my Synology DS718+, and I don't have any system other than my headphones setup, so performance out of the NAS is great. It streams to my Directstream Junior via its Bridge II interface.
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  11. davehg
    Add Tidal and your collection is now infinitely larger. My new resolution is not to buy any new albums except on vinyl, and only after I’ve used Tidal to discover if I like it.

    I love the way Roon has integrated Tidal, and I just need to try an MQA DAC to see if it really is worth the upgrade.

    The price for a Roon is a bit high but I’ll still pay the fee - nice OS for music that really makes you wonder why any manufacturer bothers with creating and maintaining their own app. What I love is the ability to use one interface for all my music systems, and choose the gear that best suits my tastes, instead of being tied into a manufacturers ecosystem and waiting/hoping they support a streaming service (I am looking at you, Sony ES).
  12. BillinSF
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  13. koven Contributor
    Have you considered trading up to the WA5 or WA33 at this point? Seems like a more bang for buck way to spend a few extra thousand than rolling tubes in the 22.
  14. BillinSF
    Last edited: Dec 26, 2018
  15. attmci
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