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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. artvandelay9
    Does anyone have any thoughts on power tubes that fall somewhere between the stock 6080's and the 7236's? I've got both, and while I love the sound of the 7236 with most headphones, they seem like they've simply got too much juice for others.
  2. abvolt
    Try a pair of 6BL7's 0r 6BX7's you can even use quad 6BL7's with adapters. 5998's are king those are my favorites..
  3. attmci
    Bendix 6080WB
  4. artvandelay9
    Thanks guys.

    I've heard 5998's are excellent, though I'm not currently wanting to drop that much as I just got the amp a month or so ago and have already upgraded. Just finding that the 7236 have too much power for some things, though are perfect for my planar's. Will check out the Bendix version of the 6080.

    Any thoughts on 6AS7G's?
  5. FYB-2
    My WA6 (have a pair of them) sound terrific with the 6SN7 adapters and Sophia Electric tubes. Can't imagine that the WA22 would not also.
  6. abvolt
    A lot of people will say the GEC 6as7's I've not been able to find a pair plus pricey, Try to find a pair of 40's/50's rca I really enjoy their sq very smooth sound..
  7. Contrails
    7236 were one of my fav tube for the WA22. Especially with the GZ34 metal base rectifier. 7236s and Bendix 6080WBs were the only tubes that adds dynamics and doesn't make the WA22 sound slow. I have tried the 5998 and 6BL7. The only downside to using the 7236 is it can somewhat sound dry and maybe sound more solid state. 6BL7 was the worst tube I tried. Luckily, they were cheap.
  8. schugh
    I got the 1st gen from a local dealer at a great price back in October.

    I was just wondering if someone can articulate what the other tube upgrades will bring to the table.
    Not so much the brand, but rather I mean, what do the Driver Tubes do to the sound and the power tubes?
    I have a lead on some 6SN7 driver tubes.

    My headphones are the LCD-4, HD800S and PS1000.

  9. BillinSF
    I sent you a PM with an old head-fi posting that described the tonality of dozens of driver tubes.
  10. attmci
    I don't think the 6BL7/6BX7 are that bad. Anyone else?
  11. attmci
    LCD-4........tough to drive. You need at least 421A/5998 as power and 6SL7 as driver. But not recommended.

    Forget about the 6SN7/GEC6AS7 etc.
  12. Joao Paulo Martins
    I bought a quad of 6bl7 with adapter to use as power tubes. Lets see , a friends of mine said that as a terrific combo
  13. abvolt
    I enjoy the 6bl7's..
  14. leftside
    Another upvote here for the 6BL7 and 6BX7.

    Decided to try out the 6F8G tubes again. Hadn't had much luck with these in the past as I always found them to be noisy. Makes a difference if the two tubes have exactly the same construction. Really liking the Philco's and RCA's.

  15. Badas

    I only use 6F8g type. Love them. Actually using TS roundplate 6C8g. I have 32 (16 sets) of them and none are noisy. I've rolled all of them once to make sure.

    You have to keep those wires away from other tubes. On these adapters the wires go out the back away from all other tubes. On your pic that right hand driver tube wire looks close to the power tube. You can push those wires into the body a bit.

    I noticed your amp is on in the picture without HP's plugged in. No load. Is it being used as a pre-amp? Does using as a pre-amp count as a load?
    Last edited: Jan 27, 2019
    leftside likes this.
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