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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. leftside
    Guess I just had noisy pairs in the past (thrown out now), but these latest sets are good.

    The wires are actually quite forward, and away from the power tubes. I could also move them behind the 6F8G, and slightly inwards towards the rectifier - away from those fat power tubes.

    I just unplugged the headphones for the picture to get the cables out of the way. I prefer the earlier version of the WA22 without the preamp, as we have.
  2. moemoney
    I just want to say I’m a new owner of a WA 22 and I’ve been monitoring the break in of this unit ever since I’ve got it. I’ve had this unit about a little over a week and I’m noticing that after100 hours the sound signature went to a hold New level I mean it just opened up the voices went to a “ you are there “ type of sound it’s that sweetness to the sound. And this is coming from stock tubes so I’m very excited and I am looking forward to upgrading my tubes but one step at a time, let me finish with the break in process but this was something I had to post because I can’t believe what I’m hearing right now all I can say is wow.

    Sorry that I put this in a reply, but i'm somewhat new to this.
    Last edited: Jan 28, 2019
  3. Badas
    WA22 is a great amp. Enjoy it. I wasn't too sure at first and now after a number of years I really like it.
    Interestingly I have the V281 which I really thought it made something like the WA22 obsolete. V281 is really great and on some music there is nothing in it. Actually V281 kills on bass.
    On slow vocal type of music WA22 has its place and I can't pick what it is but tubes win.

    Yeah. I wondered if the photo wasn't showing wires in the correct position.
  4. attmci
    You had bought too many tubes for the WA22. So you can't........it. :)
  5. leftside
    Some new driver tubes

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  6. moemoney
    What does those driver tubes bring to the party it looks very interesting
  7. attmci
    Yup, I am also interested in how you rank this setup.
  8. leftside
    Those are GEC L63 ST driver tubes. My initial thoughts are they sound as good as the Mullard ECC31 - ECC35 tubes. I've been very impressed. The only problem is you need four, and you need the 2 * 6J5 to 1 * 6SN7 adapters. Finding four of these tubes with matching construction is hard. I have many different pairs, but only a few quads. I'll post my impressions of a few different quads, such as GEC stickered, Osram stickered, and the cheaper US brands such as Raytheon over the next few days/weeks.
  9. attmci
    I always try to avoid to use adapters.
  10. abvolt
    looks interesting I'll be watching for your impressions..
  11. leftside
    Turns out I had plenty of time this afternoon and evening, so I thought I'd try out the rest of these quads of 6J5 and L63 tubes. Mainly listened to rock and electronic music. Cossor 53KU rectifier and TungSol 6520 power tubes (very similar to 5998)

    First up, my regular goto tube: the ECC33. Soundstage that can't be beat. Very alive sounding. Super clear. Rock out to these. Seem to have a little more gain than most of the other tubes.

  12. leftside
    Next up GEC military 6J5G coke bottle (see photo 2 posts back). Just that little bit of extra magic. Very easy to simply close your eyes and get lost in the music. Sounds very similar to the very expensive B65.

    The GEC L63 coke bottle sounds very similar to the military 6J5G. I can't really see into the tubes, due to the smoke grey glass, but the micas appear to be exactly the same. These are probably the same tubes, but one designated military.

    GEC coke.JPG
  13. leftside
    Next up the Raytheon. First thing that struck me with these tubes was the bass. Very powerful. Maybe not as refined as the other tubes, but very happy to have these in my toolkit.

  14. leftside
    Finally, the GEC L63 tall bottle brown base. To my ears, these sound very similar to the other GEC tubes. If I had to choose between them I'd probably go for the coke bottle. Just a slight extra sparkle and detail. There's a guy on eBay selling quite a few of these, so if interested you could pick up a quad.

    GEC brown.JPG

    I also tried out a pair of Fivre 6N7GT that I received this week. Grey plates, bottom D getter 1960. Another great set of tubes with a very good hard hitting impactful sound. Definitely a top tube. Just a smidgen less magic compared to the other tubes. Overall sound not quite as defined.

    Summary: these are all great tubes. Right there with the best of the driver tubes I've listened to on the Woo WA22. Which ones am I keeping in my amp for now? The GEC stickered L63 coke bottle. Ideally, I'd like to listen to each set of tubes for at least a week, rather than just these A/B comparisons from this evening, so I reserve the right to adjust my thoughts in the future :) I remember putting early 1949 RCA 12AX7's in my main amps for a couple of months before I decided things were just ever so slightly too warm and rolling in some Telefunken's instead.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2019
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  15. abvolt
    Very cool I'm going to be trying these, you mentioned these tubes have to be used in pairs can you explain why thanks..enjoy
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