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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. abvolt
    yes they do that but there sound Oh Yeah simply excellent..enjoy
  2. SP Wild
    Dammit abvolt! That wasn't the answer I wanted to hear...

    I'll set aside a budget for some nice tubes in all the tube holes, you guys leave me no choice. It'll be you guys fault when I'm homeless in the street with a WA22 amplifier and NOS tubes... Not even any headphones because I had to sell those to buy the tubes.
  3. rudra

    What !!!! I bought 3x at $130 per tube about a week ago. Check the FS thread. The same guy I purchased from ebay is selling them

    Sent from my ASUS Transformer Pad TF300T using Tapatalk
  4. SP Wild

    Just 2 years ago you'd be right wheb the Australian dollar held parity with the US dollar. Today it is near enough 500 dollars delivered.

    Actually... You're talking thrice whilst I said twice... Hmm some shopping around needs to be done me thinks.
  5. rudra

    Hey Mate, I paid US$135/tube. I know some of them are selling them for $US200.
  6. SP Wild

    Which part of the FS forums are the tubes at?
  7. rudra
  8. SP Wild
    Cheers rudra!
  9. leftside
    I was playing around with various tube combos this weekend. With a few tube combos I was getting an almost complete black background (even with volume at max). What have other people's experiences been with a black background with a WA 22?
  10. Badas

    I'm using a combo at the moment which probably isn't my favorite sound signature. It is a little lacking in the mid-range. However it is 100% black background. So I'm enjoying it.
    I'm not using the WA22 much anymore*. Just weekend listening. Even then the weekends have got busy so not often. When I do get to listen to tubes I want black background. I don't care if it is a little lacking in the mids. Just as long as the sound is clean.
    *V281 has become my main amp.
  11. SP Wild

    Please, share your findings.
  12. cheeseeater
    When I realized the difference ts 5998 make I bought enough pairs to last me the rest of my life. I won't use any other power tube in wa22.
  13. leftside

    It's not really the brand of tubes that makes the most difference (noise wise), but more the condition of the tube. For example, I have a lovely sounding black base B65, but it was also producing a very low oscillating hum (so low that you wouldn't hear it with low volume music). I replaced it with another B65 and the hum totally went away. I've never had a noise problem with ECC31, ECC33, ECC34 and ECC35 tubes, but I've had a few noise problems with ECC32 tubes. I don't recommend buying those off eBay - or if so - make sure it is from a reputable seller. Some of these tubes are from the 1940's, so it's amazing how many actually work as well as they do.
    The rectifiers seem to be the most temperamental. I mostly run a Cossor 53KU fat bottle, but sometimes swap that out for a GZ34 metal base, a Marconi 5U4G, EML Mesh or WE 274A. I had a GZ34 metal base that tested "NOS", but it was noisy. The other 3 I have are perfect.
    I have a LOT of 6BL7's and have only had noise from one of those. That one is now in the garbage.
    The only tubes I've consistently had noise problems with are the ones that require an adapter on top of the tube with wires.
  14. leftside

    Give the 6BL7's a try :) A quad + adapter shouldn't cost you more than $100.
  15. Arcamera
    Hey All, Just wanted to share my latest passion: Kennerton headphones. Specifically, the Odin and the Vali. Best headphones I've ever had. I love the Odin so much in fact I've recently traded my Focal Utopia for a second pair (in a different wood and cable, seen below). Brilliant stuff from St. Petersburg, Russia. They sound great with my WA22. (I still haven't done a lot of experimenting with tube rolling though-- just got the Sophia and other upgrade recs from Woo. I know there are other options out there-- just haven't given that much time yet). Anyway, happy WA22 listening All. (And check out the Kennertons if you get the opportunity!)
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