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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. leftside
    Very nice! Would love to give those Kennerton headphones a try sometime! No rush with the tube rolling :) Enjoy what you have for a while.
  2. Arcamera
    Yeah, just enjoying it where it's at for the moment. Cheers.
  3. DancingBlue
    I've never heard of Kennerton! One more thing to go research. Sigh.
  4. abvolt
    I'd agree with that it's my favorite power tube also, although quad 6bl7's are very close..
  5. qrtas
    In case someone is interested, there a woo wa22 on Audiogon for $1395 US dollars.

  6. abvolt
    I saw that, too much $$ for a used amp..
  7. qrtas

    The price is not bad a all. I contacted the seller and it is a like new amp.
  8. m8o
    I just won the 'moving sale' auction for Stereo Exchange's demo. Very excited to pick it up tomorrow. (Tho no box, power chord, whatever it came with :frowning2: )

    I imagine it has many many hours on it tho, and will need a full compliment of new tubes. I assume you all agree?

    My premium amp had been the McIntosh MHA-100 before this.
  9. leftside
    I'd be very interested to hear how it compares to the more expensive MHA-100.
    My recommended tubes would be 4 * 6BL7's (and adapters) + ECC31 (and adapter) or ECC33 or ECC35 + rectifier of your choice.
    MIKELAP likes this.
  10. m8o
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Any time I traveled with my former 'low/mid fi' tube amps, I had the boxes with pre-formed holes in the foam for the tubes. I won't yave that here. Other than wrappi g and taping in thin foam sheets (not sure if I have any here), any recommendations for protecting the tubes? I have a lot of vrry cushy wool 'Darn Tough' socks, so was thinking of using one per tube. [?]
  11. m8o
    Noob Question I imagine I'd eventually answer with time and reading. Hope you'll save me that.

    What is the riser card at the outside of the amp in front of the output transformers on which two tubes are mounted in the OP's photos? The amp I purchased does not have that.


    EDIT: please disregard. It didn't take much effort after all, lol. From a few posts from the top, " You can use singles as a direct drop in or buy adapters to run two per socket." And I now understand the meaning of "4 * 6BL7's (and adapters)".

    I assume these adapters have the two tubes operating in parallel to double the current provided to the transformers?
  12. leftside
    Can't help you with the travel recommendation. I take an iPhone, Hugo DAC and Shure 846 headphones when traveling. Seems like too much hassle to carry the WA22 + tubes around.
  13. m8o
    Lol. No, no. The question is a continuation of what I said earlier, about bringing it home from the Stereo Exchange store. Conditions of the final auction are we buyers are responsible for packing it up and getting it out the door and home. It doesn't have the original packaging.
  14. abvolt
    excellent choice in tubes I'd agree also,can't go wrong with that combo..enjoy
  15. leftside
    Haha I see what you mean now. Can someone come with you and hold the amp whilst you drive? 
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