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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. m8o
    I'll be taking a large plastic storage container. Moreso just looking for suggestions of what to put the tubes into from anyone with experience doing that. I'll figure something out. Maybe will use Illy coffee containers plus some foam sheets if i hid some away somewhere. And holding it all myself in a taxi :)
  2. Jhors2

    Any reason you'd prefer one ECC driver over another? I am using the LCD-X and currently with RCA 6C8Gs the sound is a bit harsh in the mids.
  3. leftside
    The ECC33 and ECC35 have more gain/power. The ECC31 is a cheaper way to obtain all the goodness of an ECC32. 
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  4. leftside
    My latest accessory for when listening to the tube gear :)
  5. SP Wild
    Haha, I was shopping for a desklamp and saw some if those fancy light globes amd it made me think if tube amps.

    Interestingly the vacuum tube was an accident with a light globe experiment to clean carbon deposit in the globe.
  6. abvolt
    Congrats on your new Woo amp you'll really love it's awesome sq, quad 6bl7's are some of the finest I've heard nearly on par with the mighty 5998's @ a far less price range. They are well worth a try you'll need adapters for that combo.Also try to get your hands on a pair of mullards eccxx for drivers simply the very best in sq..31,32,33,35's my ecc31's + 35's never get removed their that good..enjoy
  7. m8o
    Thanx abvolt and all earlier.

    Question, anyone else find the output to be reversed?

    Last night I finally got around to firing it up. I noticed something was off right away on the 1st track i listened to. Soon realized on the 2nd track what should be in my right ear on one of my test tracks I know especially well was coming from my left ear.

    The 1/4 inch output is the same as 4pin xlr. That they're consistent is good as this can simply be addressed by swapping right/left at the amp input and it addresses it for both 1/4 inch and 4pin XLR out. Anyone else have this?
  8. Arcamera
    Hi All, any recommendation appreciated here: On my WA22 I've been rolling between the Philips 6080 and the Tung Sol 7236. The first is nice and mellow, and the second is more dynamic, but at times a little 'edgy.' Any alternative tube recs? Ideally that aren't too expensive, and can be got a hold of without too much difficulty. I guess I'm looking for the dynamism of the 7236, but with a little more smoothness. Thanks for your thoughts.
  9. Badas

    I really didn't like the 7236. For all the rave reviews I thought they were Woo over rated.
    6BL7 tubes should be your ticket. Dynamic, punchy, warm and very little treble harshness.
  10. Arcamera
    Thanks for the tip Badas [​IMG]
  11. m8o
    What is everyone using as a tube tester?

    Edit: I didn't think this forum supported quoted multi-string searches. But I found a search for "tube tester" was accurate. So I found good discussions.
    I think it would be interesting to see what tubes with adapters have you guys been using in your WA22 .as  power tubes,  rectifier  or drivers ?
  13. BillinSF
    As a noob I made my first misstep.  I've heard so many good things about the Mullard ECC35 (thanks (AbVolt) that I bought a pair.  Shame on me, I got them off eBay.  One of the tubes (left channel) has a low level hum.  It is inaudible at any volume that I listen at and it does not get louder as volume is raised.
    Otherwise, the SQ is just friggin awesome!!  Better than the Woo upgrade Sylvania 6SN7GT and the sweet lush RCA gray glass VT-231 I rolled into a couple of weeks ago. 
    I love vintage things and can deal with the imperfection.  But, it's like that little speck of wine on your rug that you hide under the ottoman.  It's annoying simply because you know it's there - even if you can't see it.
    My question is does this little hum reveal something that is damaging the amp? 
  14. jhljhl

    Maybe try silicone tube dampers or herbie's tube dampers.
  15. leftside
    Sorry to hear about that hum. The WA22 is a fantastic amp, but it is sensitive to poor tubes. It took me quite a few months to find a complete set of tubes that worked perfectly in this amp. Now I have quite a few good sets, and the amp produces great sound with a completely black background. My recommendation is to buy another ECC35 tube. Try and find one that has the same construction as your "good" one.
    I don't think it's damaging the amp - just yours and mine OCD.
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