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Woo Audio WA22 Amp Owner Unite

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by leftside, Nov 20, 2016.
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  1. abvolt
    weird never heard something like that not sure..could it be your ears?
  2. cheeseeater
    When I disconnect the headphone cable from the wa22 the him disappears?
  3. cheeseeater
    Hum. Not "him."a
  4. abvolt
    you may be right the only thing that I'm aware of storing power is the caps may be someone with more knowledge could chime in..enjoy  
  5. Abcidian
    I'm looking for some advice. I may be able to pick up these tubes from a local seller. Would these be a solid upgrade from the stock tubes in my WA22? Rectifier - GEC u52 5U4G and Driver - Tung Sol VT231. Any advice would be appreciated before I pull the trigger.
  6. Badas

    Yes. Fantastic tubes and would certainly give a more mellow lush sound. Check that the Tung-Sol's are round plates. TS comes in round and flat with a ladder effect. Round is way better.
  7. Abcidian
    Thanks. I'll ask for sure. If they are flat are they still a good option?
  8. SP Wild
    The hum is getting louder on the right channel in mine. So I figure better do some kinda diagnostics.

    Turn off let it the tubes cool to switch power tubes around as tapping those when powered on transfers the most microphonics... Particularly the right one....

    And whaddaya know... The base metal on the right tube is loose. Must've been dropped in its previous life.
  9. abvolt
    So it's a tube your saying that has happened to many times, currently one of my ts 5998's are doing that same thing too bad for me because they are a pricey tube..enjoy it's a wonderful hobby  
  10. leftside
    I also really like the TS 5998 sound, but don't like the price. Time for some 6BL7's maybe :wink:
  11. SP Wild
    I guess for the WA22 it's worth a matched pair of TS5998.

    Got me thinking, should we stick up on NOS tubes now before they become unaffordable in a few short year?

    Maybe the Russian and Chinese tubes will get better? Are they still using tubes in the military?

    What will happen when we run out of tubes?

    Might as well end the misery now... A future without tubes is a bleak future that I want no part if... Goodbye world.

  12. abvolt
    It's time to stock up on the really great tubes as I'm doing..before they are so high priced no one can afford them..enjoy
  13. abvolt
    I should be getting my adapters so I can run 4 6bl7's sometime next week, interested in seeing how they compare with my ts 5998's in sq which is my current favorite power tube..enjoy  
  14. leftside
    Mixing a modern DAC, preamp and headphone amp with 1950's tubes isn't a bad combo.
  15. SP Wild
    Schiit man. Matched pair of TS 5998 will set me back like nearly 500 bucks delivered.

    I could probably get a used technics 1200 turntable for that price.

    I think prices for a top schiit big middle tube is also frightening.
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