Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)
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Yeah, the HD280 Pro is pretty good, and has great isolation. My dad uses it when driving the tractor.
Beyer DT770 Pro would be worth listening to at Long & McQuade, but it's a bit more $$.
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Plugging into a guitar amp, you probably want low sensitivity as they'll be rather noisy circuits.
Usually they have high output impedance as well, so you'll want headphones with high impedance or planars to mitigate that.
Closed or semi-closed is probably best.

This is the lowest I've seen the Fostex T50RP mk3...
You can also shop around for a Beyerdynamic DT770 or DT880 (minimum 80 ohm, I'd recommend the 250ohm or 600ohm)
Maybe a Sennheiser HD598C (or heck if you don't mind the open backed 598, I'm pretty sure I've still got one somewhere).
The ol' HD280 and 380 are great for isolation and do fold up, but clamp very hard so comfort could be an issue. I'd pick the DT770 over them (but it's significantly bulkier).
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Hi everyone! I hope that you all had a great new year. The forum has been quiet so I thought that I'd pop in here to see if anyone is interested in a meetup soon? We can have it at the store if anyone is interested? The weekend would best as I can reserve us some quiet space either upstairs or downstairs. What do you think?

Also, we got in the new Focal Stellia and it's finally broken in if you want to give it a spin. Definitely nicer in person than the photos online and they're the best sounding closed-back headphones that I've ever heard.
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Haha, obviously we all lurk considering how quickly we responded.
I've got a nutty work schedule these days, but I'm down for meeting if I'm free.

@AdamAtAdvance I can help send out a group pm once we have a date picked
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This is all great guys! I’m trying to decide which weekend is best. I’m thinking either Saturday, April 27 or March 4.

I’ve been given some money for food so I’ll take some suggestions. It should be BBQ weather by then so I can grill some things.

And for gear, if there’s something that I can borrow from a supplier that I don’t already have just let me know. I have some HD 820 coming, I already have everything Focal, we just brought in another batch of Pro-Ject Prebox S2, B&W P9

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