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Winnipeg meets' thread (Ongoing)

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  1. justb2
    Hey guys! Here's an Imgur album with the pics I was trying to share. I also included a pic of the ELAC streaming amp which was a great value at $699 USD.
  2. Rubin
    Thanks, Adam!
  3. Armaegis
    Welcome to the fold! I've added you to my list for local Winnipeg guys.
    Holy cow, you joined in 2001...
  4. -iKa-
    I'd assume we're having another meet some time later this year/early next year. No need to worry about not having any large gear collection, there's plenty to listen to already.

    Side note: If/when we do have a meet, I recently bought a minidsp EARS headphone measurement jig, so if anyone wants to measure some mods they've done I'm more than willing to bring it.
    Last edited: Oct 10, 2018
  5. Viper2005
    Welcome, fellow Winterpegger!
    Our meets are lots of fun, don’t worry if you don’t have gear to bring, we already have more gear than table space :wink:
    I’m actually looking forward to the next meet, I sadly missed the last one.
  6. Rubin
    IIRC I was lurking around Headwize even before Jude started Head-Fi.

    It looks like the next meet is in February judging by Armaegis' signature? I've been thinking of getting one of those miniDSP rigs so I'd be curious to see it.
  7. Armaegis
    Oh whoops, there no meet currently in the plans. I just get an error whenever I try to edit my sig.
  8. Rubin
    Ah, thanks for clarifying that! Then I'll just watch this post for discussions about upcoming meets.
  9. Armaegis
  10. justb2
    Rubin likes this.
  11. Velomane
    Thanks for the pics. Some pretty wild speaker designs.
  12. justb2
    I think I was most impressed with the open baffle systems I heard including the little guys from SoundKaos. MBL (the ones that look like lanterns) were also amazingly lifelike. Of course the Verity Audio room was amazing but the setup was $1.1M USD ($150K in cables)
  13. AdamAtAdvance
    Hi guys!

    The new Focal Elegia headphones just came in. Stop by for a listen!

    Also, Paradigm is flying out their flagship Persona 9H floorstanding speakers in 2 weeks for an event that we're holding. It's free for everyone so if you're interested come on down Friday afternoon from 1-5pm and Saturday from 10am to 4pm.
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  14. Leftbehind
    Just got the Campfire Andromeda S. I'm not sure how people feel about sharing IEMs but I'm willing to bring some wipes, tips, etc to the next meet, this is something I think a lot of people need to hear and won't be able to easily in Winnipeg.
  15. -iKa-
    Ooh, I really loved the Persona 3F so I'll definitely be in to hear those.

    Also quite interested in hearing the Elegia, seems like everyone is hopping on the closed back conversions
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