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Why do so many great albums sound so bad?

Discussion in 'Sound Science' started by jononku, Mar 4, 2011.
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  1. ivantoar
    Speaking of loudness... I compared two songs in my hard disk in Audacity
    Oh my, look at the first one...
  2. antberg
    hahaha!laugh off loud!
    witch songs are?
  3. ivantoar
    The first one is Metallica - Cyanide. In fact, all the songs in "Death Magnetic" is like that -__- What's the term for that? Brickwall?
    The second one is George Baker Selection - Little Green Bag.
  4. antberg
    haha the reservoir dogs theme.
    btw is it incredible (altough not surprising) that metallica,even after almost 30 years still making bad,very bad recordings.anyway in the last 10-15 years ago they are been doing music to make money.some of the black album are very bad.fortunately i found some vinyl of ride the lighting and master of puppets and found them more "clearly" sounding.
  5. Chris J
    Sad,   a 30+ year old recording walks all over a fairly modern recording. It doesn't have to be that way.
    Makes me wonder, in ten years will this be considered the dark ages of recording technology?
  6. Audio-Omega
    The 1983 version of Tubular Bells gives me less listening fatigue compared to recent albums.  
  7. khaos974

    Here you go, a modern recording (2010) with both excellent music and quality [​IMG].

  8. tkteo
    meanwhile, congratulations to Adele. Can't say the same about the mastering of "21".
  9. LFF


    The mastering...all things considered...isn't that bad. There are much worse offenders.
  10. bowei006 Contributor
    Loudness war....and modern rock. none of my modern rock albums sound good or fantastic. linkin par, rise against, Sixx AM etc. the vocals are good and everything during quiter parts...come the loud bangings and everything and the track...wow..it heads off to do do do do land. some of my tracks are also badly encoded MP3's >_< i don't have the original so i can't tell you if the original was that bad(most times you can, sometimes you can't). i will tell you right here and now. properly encoded MP3 from a lossless format will give you very very very similar sound. very hard to tell apart. best for portable use...problem is, audiophile pride doesn't allow for this. mine doesn't either >_<
  11. Chris J
    As Khaos points out, there are still a lot of modern CD releases with outstanding sound.
    I have a few.
    But they are not Rock or Pop recordings, they are Jazz and other genres.
  12. bowei006 Contributor
    let's not even talk about modern rock..i love it but the moment the start really gets going...wow..
  13. kwal


    I agree that there are worse offenders but I just put the mp3 download from Amazon I have of "Rolling in the Deep" into Sound Forge and did a "Detect Clipping" (limit was set at 0.0 db) and it ended up finding over 5,500 clips.
    Now I have been using Sound Forge for close to 10 years so I know that the "Detect Clipping" process isn't the most accurate, for those that haven't used it it can double up the clip ie. it will see more than one clip that with a simple visual inspection you can tell there is only one, but it can also not catch clips at all so they generally come out roughly even.
  14. maverickronin

    Its almost useless running that sort of test on an mp3.  The usual decoding processes end up introducing small amounts clipping themselves.
  15. kwal


    good point I did not think of that I guess I will have to go buy the CD and import it in as a .wav and then redo the test to see the difference.
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