Which is the best headphone you have (or have tried) in terms of price/quality ratio?
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In terms of price to quality ratio, I have the Fidelio L2s and they are stellar for the $100 I paid....that's if we emphasize the quality aspect of the equation.
However, if price is the most important aspect?

the Senilux HD681 Hybrid is insanely good. That's a Superlux HD681 ($13) outfitted with Senitek Hybrid pads ($12) ...I haven't heard anything that sounds as good as these do for $25. With a few free mods their sound is almost on par with the Fidelios, it's kind of shocking really.
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Beyer DT150 often sub £100. HD600 class sound and built to survive a nuclear war.

(EDIT most of the traditional beyer DTs are contenders really, depending on taste)
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People either love them or hate them...but the best bang for me is the Audioquest Nighthawk. I EQ the mid/upper bass down a few db. Easy to drive, and super comfy. They are (or were) under 300. Use them on my Chromebooks or Sony A17.

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I cant comment on the DT series, as I haven't tried them. But I picked up a used pair of HE-400 from ebay a while back (with the good 2nd revision drivers), and they are amazing for the ~$180 I paid for them :)
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Kinda interesting this is pretty much dominated by the DT Beyers. Well the DT 880 and DT 150 are hard to beat for the price. They've always been comparable to the HD 6xx family of headphones. Some reason I think they've been a bit overlooked recently. The HD 600 and HD 650 are good deals too. The HD 6XX is good but it's massdrop and the wait is very long for them to ship.

The HD 660 S(my favorite of the HD 6xx family) especially once it drops a bit in price, will definitely be on the list.

A headphone I have to add will be the M&O Beryllium Acoustic headphone, very good sound and bluetooth for $130.
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Price to performance without any modifications, easily the Sennheiser HD 558 (only paid $80 for them). With mods included, it is by far the Modhouse Audio Argon version of the Fostex T50RP...that is actually my favorite pair of cans (even more than my beloved Sennheiser HD 650).
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If the Hifiman HE-560 can be bought for $350, then that headphone is the champion of price / performance.
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If the Hifiman HE-560 can be bought for $350, then that headphone is the champion of price / performance.

Heard so many mixed reviews of this headphone. Is it a true upgrade to the 400i if I already find the 400i a little bright?
I had no intentions of buying the he 560, however at $350 for a new pair I pulled the trigger. I too have heard mixed reviews but I have a slightly warm powerful balanced amp to go with them, so we will see !
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i bought one denon ah-d7200, new, for 550€. considering price, performance(including driving ease) and quality of materials-cable-build for me is a clearly winner

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