Which is the best headphone you have (or have tried) in terms of price/quality ratio?
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Hi there.

Just as the the title says, if you have to pick the best headphone for your money of all you've been tried or purchased, what it should be and why? It doesn't have to be a minimum price, just the best balance between both factors.

As much as I love my current LCD-2C, I must say that my KRK KNS-8400 have and oustanding value por the price in terms of sound quality and accesories, as well as my already sold K701.

Your turn...
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If I owned every german headphones I would probably decide that the best price/performance is the DT880. But I don't have it yet. I am looking to buy the new chrome version. I have a very good idea how it sounds though.

Money no object I would probably go with the T1. The best headphone on the planet, in my opinion, has to be a flagship made in germany.
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Price quality ratio, I’d go down and say the Status Audio CB-1 is a fantastic value at $60. They don’t scale very well but at that price, you’re not necessarily thinking about massive gains in that regard.
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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home are probably my pick to bang for buck performance.

The DT880 600 ohm are also very good.
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For me it's the Beyerdynamic T70. For the money (I got one for $390) the T70 seems like the real deal given that it can compete with some flagship headphones costing 2 or 3 times more money.
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Beyerdynamic Amiron Home are probably my pick to bang for buck performance.

The DT880 600 ohm are also very good.

I have to agree on the Amiron Home, I've been trying for months but I can't really find anything wrong with it's sound, if there is something wrong it's always the system or recording. To me it's the best Tesla Beyer and honestly the best headphone I've heard that runs sub-$1000.
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Senn 650's have been my go to for years followed very closely by the T1's. But if we are talking pure bang for the buck sound quality vs. price then it's the Koss Ksc75's.
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Koss KSC-35/75, PortaPro
Sennheiser HD600/650, PX100
at the high end, Stax L700, though maybe at this end of the spectrum price/performance is less relevant (and common sense less common)
1st and 2nd is exact items I wanna say.
Addition, Yuin PK 123. I was highly impressed when comparing to my lost shure se535 which has 10 times price tag. 535 was very good at mid but PK1 is winner at soft music.
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About wores p/p can is, for me Denon AH D2000. It was my choice between Sony, AKG models at similar price... After 1 week, I paid for Sen hd650 and mostly no touch D2000 again
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The Sennheiser HD600 : one of the best headphones ever made.

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