Which is the best headphone you have (or have tried) in terms of price/quality ratio?
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I think that you may be right. I a/b tested the HE-500 against RS-1, HD 600, edition 8 and D7000, and the HE-500 *murdered* those headphones in terms of balance, sound quality and sheer enjoyment. No comparison.

I've heard the Senn 800/600/650, HFM HEX V2, LCD 2 '14 fazor, Grado 325, Fostex 500RP, and in distant memory Stax 333 & SR Lamda Pro.

I think the used HE-500 w/ fuzzor, Ether Flow Angled, XLR plug at $425 total is a better listen than those.
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For me it's probably Fostex T60RP. A solid listen for $300. Although it's Fostex, so you would need a balanced cable (sold/ordered separately) and a decent desktop Amp.
On one hand the hp doesn't require any further modding (for my preference anyway), but on the other, the value is there if you already have an Amp to match with.

Honorable mentions go to OPPO pm-1. Yes, a luxury headphone, where most people would argue the end Sq isn't worth the price. But if you enjoy the tuning: good, light build, can be driven by a phone, and has some of the best accessories (if not the best).
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Sony MDR-V6 I got it on amazon new for $49 and think it is a classic. HD650/6XX is used the most in my house. Also the price the hifiman HE560 can be had for now makes it a good buy eit( decent amp.
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HE-400 - paid $150, modded with open grill mod, Vegan pads, comfort strap and direct from speaker taps - best value I've heard/owned (over 60 headphones).

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