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What is the best/hottest deal you ever got on headphones?

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by mclldavidson, May 11, 2013.
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  1. tan1415
    My sweetest deals:
    Jaycars Pro Monitors 50$
    Jays Qjays 70$ ebay
    Philips L1 open box 100$
  2. TekeRugburn
    Q701 for 100
    Hd580 for 90
    Pico slim with box and accessories for 100
    Fxz200 for 75
    Ad900x for 100
    Tf10 for 100
    Ck10 for 40
    Modi for 40
    Magni for 50
    Kimber pbjs for 30
  3. MattTCG
    A2 for $105. Thanks Jay!
  4. tan1415

    lol you got every deal available outthere...
    modi and magni...grr
  5. TekeRugburn
     its what I do lol.
  6. davisman
    Black friday He400 and bamboo LCD2v2's. Nothing special, but my order for LCD2v2 got upgraded to rosewood for free because they ran out of bamboo. So $800 for brand new rosewood LCD2v2. 
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  7. Ishcabible
    I got some Yamaha YH3s for $20ish, a Sennheiser PXC450 for $30, a Beyerdynamic T50p for $60, AKG K271 for $60, ATH-2 for $15, a Gamma2 for $45, and I'm hoping the EHHA I just bought for $180 is a good deal. I've been meaning to build one for years but never had the time to, but I ended up buying a built one for less than parts cost.

    Oh I think I remember reading someone got an HP1000 for around $125 on eBay many years ago.
  8. Meh
    Sennheiser Momentum - $180
  9. Rolen_it_Up
    Koss KSC-35 - $4 from Circuit City years ago. I bought every pair they had in the store.
  10. MattTCG
    I had a pair gifted and I paid $4 shipping. [​IMG]
  11. L0SLobos
    We talking mostly used gear here right? Cuz never have I seen those deals on new equipment.
  12. Meh
    I was talking about new gear.
  13. lukipela
    Rsa sr71a - 150
    beyer t1 - 490
    Rsa shadow - 110

    Ue900 - 150
    K518 dj - 25
  14. Eugguy
    Too bad banned scam-artists from the Trade/Sale section can't post anymore! Bet you they got the best deals! Just playing...
    Deals I recently got...
    Audeze Lcd 2.2 = $799.99 free shipping
    Shure Se846 = $850.00 free shipping
    Sennheiser IE80=buy one, get one free!
    Sennheiser HD600= $220
    ASG2 = $450 
    Wooduo2= $60
  15. deadspider187
    I recently purchased a set of K240M's for $4 at a used electronics store.  It's missing the logos on the sides though.
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