What are your plans for the Halo 3 release?
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Oct 7, 2006
Anyone have anything interesting they'll be doing for the Halo 3 release? For instance, parties, camping in line, calling in "sick" (for the rest of the week), etc.? If you've got something interesting post it. I'll be hanging out with some friends in line waiting for the release (fairly normal). Someone has to be doing something more interesting.
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Are stores really expecting long times for Halo 3? With being the most pre-order game of all time I figure people will take their time walking into stores. I didn't pre-order and will scope out Costco during lunch on Tuesday.
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I can't say about the lines. I mean, the local GameStop here will be reopening (it is in the local mall) at midnight for pre-orderers. I would assume there would be somewhat of a line made up of those trying to get their copies ASAP. I don't know. When I got Bioshock I know there were actually some guys at Wal-Mart early like me. I'm sure Halo3 will be an insanely larger release.
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my plans for the halo3 release will be at home sleeping or playing my wii

never a huge halo fan, or a console FPS fan (haven't played any fps on wii yet, so i can't say if it's good or not).

surely there will be lines for halo3
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The original Halo was the most boring FPS game I had played since naught and I just avoided the second one, I shall do the same with this one.
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Originally Posted by shigzeo /img/forum/go_quote.gif
by the way duggeh, your avatar has changed so often lately. yes, it is not so fun though

I think it's his way of calling for the return of the Green Online Orb...
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I'm quite disappointed that Microsoft decided to make this Vista exclusive. They must be pretty confident in doing so because I don't think there are that many gamers using Vista yet.
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If anyone makes a Halo 3 thread I'll go in there and post this:

"I wouldn't even touch Halo 3 if you paid me... I'll be picking up ______ instead and won't by into the hype."

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Get out of class at noon, drive 2 minutes to blockbuster (pre-ordered it so they give me a $10 gift card), drive back to my room, play on live while eating lunch then go to class again.

Its just a video game, it won't change my life

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