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Smoother than silk transaction on terance's part he gave me a price, sent me a PayPal payment request and shipped me a pair of HD570's as soon as possible. Not to mention he always replied to my PM's within a few minutes!

Thanks Matt!
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I had a great transaction selling Terance an amp! He was easy to communicate with - payment was quick. He's an honest guy & I'd do business with him again in a flash.
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Ditto. terance did right by me: bought a cMoy from him which came in a blink!

Thank you! Thumbs up!

Hope your puppy respects your audio wires!
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Sold Matt ZuOxyfuel RCA cables. He was a pleasure to deal with, he updates you promptly, pays quickly and is great to deal with all around. Also he is a key asset to other Head-fiers as he will research items on his own also - e.g., he asked for a picture of the cables (because I did not provide one)- I told him I would get him one the next day and he later responded that he googled for the cables, saw a picture and was A-OK with everything. This is tremendous as back and forth Q&A slows down transactions but is truly necessary - so when the buyer takes initiative it is a pleasure and an asset.
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trade with Matt for the Logitech Z5500, everything is great and it is as he described. Highly recommend this trusted trader. Thanks again Matt.
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Sold me a pair of IM716 IEMs without tips (as described). Very fast communication, no problems with the transaction, shipped quickly, top class seller.

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Selling my amp to Terance couldnt have gone any better. He sent the payment super fast and was very professional about the whole transaction. Hes an honest guy and i wouldnt hesitate to sell or buy anything else from him.
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i sold two cables to terance on two occasions and each time was very pleasent. he was very easy to communicate with, sent money fast, and keep me up to date.

high recommended.
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I bought a pair of headphones from terance. He went to the post office and shipped them out right after I payed for them. I would recommend him to anyone.
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Bought a number cruncher from Matt. Quick and neat shipping. Fast communication. Highly recommended!
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terance purchased my Alien USB DAC MisterX made. He was prompt with money order I requested and very communicative throughout the transaction. terance is a great Head-Fier I will do business again for sure!
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easy/smooth transaction. i like it
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Bought some non-Head-Fi stuff from Matt. Great transaction, couldn't wish for more.

Highly recommended! Would do business with again! Thanks again!
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I purchased Unlocked Motorola SLVR cell phone from Terance. It's another perfect and smooth transaction. Terance delivers what he says!
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I sold a pair of AKG K271S with Zu Mobius cable to Matt and I'm going to have to say that he is one in a million. Very nice and great guy who is an excellent communicator. He was extremely honest and professional in every possibly way during the transaction. Silky smooth transaction and honestly, it could not have gone any better. Great guy and would definitely do business with him again.
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