What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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My default format for music is first press Redbook CD's as 80% of the time I prefer their SQ (especially if subsequent remasters are brickwalled). But I've tried all digital formats, both the hard copies (physical, which I vastly prefer) and downloads (including "hi res"). And of course I have a lot of vinyl rips to digital too.

Usually I only chase down multiple formats of an album if it's a favorite, and/or if it has really good, or really bad, SQ: good because then I want to hear the recording in all of its brilliance in the best sounding (to me) version; bad, because then I want to find the best sounding version I can, as I like the music too much to give up listening to it often because the production is so poor.

I find it very important to pay attention to the SQ of versions of albums and find the best sounding (to you); your system will never sound as good as it can if you are starting with lesser versions of the music recording.

I only have a few Ozone's, (and only a few dozen Japanese jazz artist albums) including his latest release from 2024 that I haven't listened to yet.

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'The Dreaming' was my all-time favorite album from when I first heard it in 1984 (I was a bit behind) till it was replaced in that exalted position in 2018. Still totally love it, of course....
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Getting ready for the new release!
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+1 to 3 Doors Down ... one of the albums that got me interested in this hobby.
My favorite songs by them are "Landing in London" and "The Road I'm On."

For today:

Tom Scott - Apple Juice.png
Recorded in 1981 live in NYC, released in 1999 only in Japan. Marcus Miller,
Eric Gale, Steve Gadd, Ralph MacDonald, Hugh McCracken, Richard Tee.

Marcus was only age 22 when this was recorded. He has the unique talent
of being serious and funky at the same time.

Oregon - Ludwigsburg 1990.png

Some of the music is very beautiful, some is chaotic, all is very complex.

From 1981 and 2024. HD800 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~> :)
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