What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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Jun 21, 2001
This is the thread to post what you've been listening to today. To keep things organized, please do not spam the thread with repeated posts - let's keep it to a few posts in a day at most. Enjoy everyone!

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Brazil The Greatest Songs Ever
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I decided to do just one post, when I look back, I see stuff and think, "I've got to listen to that again".

A Capella Dream - The Persuasions
Time and Love - Laura NyroNatlie McMasters - Live
Allman Brothers Band - Idlewild South
The Concert for New York City - Various
Sounds of Wood and Steel - various
The Sounds of Summer - The Beach Boys
The Very Best of Peter, Paul & Mary
Live Rust - Neil Young & Crazy Horse
Doorway - Ron Block
Two Sevens Clash - Culture
Art of Motion - Andy McKee
Coco - Colbie Caillet......sweet
Endless Summer - The Sandels
In the Red - Tina Dico
Corinne Bailey Rae
Alison Krauss & US - Live
Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live.....one of the best acoustic albums ever
Diana Krall - Live in Paris
Squeeze - Singles
Best of - Michael Martin Murphey
Victory at Sea - Richard Rodgers
Norman Brown - Stay With Me.........Very Very Cool
Shawn Colvin - A few Small Repairs.......great voice, great recording
Yoshiji - Eternal Melody...........epic
One Man Band - James Taylor....great concert, with DVD
A Box of Rain - Robert Hunter..........great acoustic live concert
The Very Best of Jerry Garcia.....a fun 2 disc set, one live the other studio
Holst, The Planets - Geoffery Simon & The London Symphony
Bob Dylan - Live 1975, the Bootleg series vol 5.........back when you could understand Bob
Singles 1969-1981 - The Carpenters...what a great voice
Moonlight in Vermont - Johnny Smith.......the man plays a nice guitar
Nick Drake - Pink Moon......great headphone sound, up close & personnel 01/05/08
Missy Higgins - The Sound of White....a sweet soundin' Aussie 01/13/08
Alan Parsons Project - Eye in the Sky......classic 01/15/08
America - History...no collection should be without 01/16/08
katie Melua - Pictures.......sweet sweet voice 01/18/08
Bob Dylan - Freewheelin'.........Bob at his best 01/20/08
Creedence Clearwater Revival - Cosmo's Factory.......DCC Gold Disc Fantastic remaster by SH 01/25/08
From the Cradle - Eric Clapton......sings the blues, 01/27/08
BT: This Biinary Universe.........01/29/08
Tim's House - Kate Walsh.........beautiful voice, great recording, 01/30/08
Live Acoustic - Sarah McLachlan......great recording but short only 22:00" 02/06/08
Natlie Merchant - Tigerlily......MFSL remaster WOW!, 02/08/08
Joan Baez - Greatest Hits......Iconic, 02/09/08 happy birthday to me!
Kelly Sweet - We Are One.....she is sweet, 02/14/08
Natalie Merchant - Tigerlily.....MoFi remaster #00819, stunning 02/16/08
Sting - Best of 1984/94..........lots of great stuff 02/26/08
A Fine Frenzy - A cell in the Sea........Alison Sudol can write & sing 03/02/08
Susan Wong - Close to You.....192k/24bit DSP Audiophile Reference 03/07/08
Jack Johnson - Sleep through the Static 03/12/08
Robert Plant/Alison Krauss - Rising Sand 03/19/08
Various Artists - Smooth Grooves, Cruisin' Classics, gotta' love the oldies 03/25/08
The Ultimate Demonstration Disc - Chesky Records, excellent reference disc 03/28/08
Natlie Merchant - House Carpenter's Daugther, very well recorded 04/01/08
Jackson Browne - Solo Acoustic vol II, nice concert 04/03/08
10,000 Maniacs - In My Tribe, excellent sound 04/04/08
Donald Fagen - The Nightfly, excellent sound 04/11/08
Miles Davis - Kind of Blue, haven't listened to this in a while 04/16/08
10,000 Maniacs - Hope Chest, the Fredonia Recordings 1982/83 04/22/08
Eagles - Long Road Out of Eden, gotta' love these guys 04/25/08
Nina Simone - The Amazing Nina Simone/Town Hall, two albums, great jazz, 04/29/08
Allman Brothers at Fillmore East, 05/08/08
Boz Scaggs - Greatest Hits Live, great live recording of classic rock 5/18/08
Harry Belafonte - at Carnegie Hall, recorded in 1959 and still sounds good 5/23/08
Frank Sinatra - Nothing But the Best, nice Reprise compliation 05/30/08
Banjo Collection - 25 Bluegrass Favorites, remastered by Steve Hoffman, 05/31/08
Best of Southern Rock - Marshall Tucker, Allman's, Outlaws...etc, 06/07/08 (gotta' love the date)
Jimmy Buffett - A1A, really nice for being recorded in 1974 06/16/08
Kenny Wayne Shepherd - 10 Days Out, Again this it a GREAT blues album 06/28/08
Chuck Berry - St. Louis to Liverpool, MFSL remaster 07/26/08
Tom Petty - Mudcrutch, well recorded 08/01/08
Neil Young & Crazy Horse, Live in San Francisco, great 1978 concert, not a great recording 08/15/08
Nils Lofgren - The Loner, great solo acoustic 08/21/08
Malene - Malene Mortensen, great music, beautiful woman & well recorded import 08/22/08
Bootleg Series, Vol. 1 - Bob Dylan, back when Bob could sing 08/25/08
Alison Krauss & Union Station - live, One of the best Live recordings ever 09/03/08
Jefferson Airplane - at the Familt Dog Ballroom, recorded 09/69, very cool 09/10/08
Eva Cassidy - Live at Blues Alley, nice live recording, 09/13/08
Bob Dylan - No Direction Home Bootleg Series 7, classic Dylan, 09/15/08
Linda Ronstdat - Prisoner in Disguise, MFSL #01507, audiophile quality, 09/22/08
BuckinghamNicks - Anthem Records Australia, nicely remastered bootleg, 09/25/08
Unplugged - Eric Clapton, Great acoustic cd well matsered, 09/28/08
Very Best of - Jerry Garcia, 2 cd, 1 studio & 1 live, great listening, 09/29/08
Covers - James Taylor, well recorded, 10/05/08
Best of LIVE - Doobie Brothers, exciting concert well recorded, 10/13/08
Call off the Search - Katie Melua, sweet voice well recorded, 10/24/08
Saturday Night Fever - Sound Track, gotta' love it!, 11/01/08
Best of John Coltrane, 13:41 My Favorite Things WOW!, 11/06/08
Beethoven Symphony #5 - London Philharmonic, 11/14/08
All for You - Diana Krall, a sweet album, 11/25/08
Tigerlily - Natlie Merchant, MFSL, great sound & performance, 11/26/08
So Long, So Wrong - Alison Krauss & US, listening on my new SA5000's, sweet, 12/01/08
The Nightfly - Donald Fagen, well recorded, 12/04/08
CSN Greatest Hits, Classic stuff, 12/08/08
Lionel Hampton & the All Stars - Stardust, Great 1947 jazz recording, 12/10/08
Live - Natalie McMasters, great fidelity & very uplifting, 12/10/08 (two in one day)
CSN&Y - Daja Vu, classic, 12/24/08
Jean Michel Jarre - Areo, 01/01/09 Happy New Year!
Jessy J - Taquila Moon, this lady can blow a sax!, 01/05/09
Diana Krall- Best of, beautiful music well recorded, 01/08/09
Wellness Music - Relaxation & Meditation, OK, I think I'll go to sleep now, 01/19/09

Marvin Gaye - What's Going On, MFSL #3150 a great remaster, 01/23/09

The Swoon Collection - Gold Edition, various classical artists, Beautiful music, 01/28/09

Kind of Blue - Miles Davis, Columbia Legacy remaster, THE version to have, Beautiful, 02/09/09 !happy birthday to me!

The Mike Hatchard Trio - The Standard Bearer, outstanding Binaural recording, 02/11/09

Streauss - Also Sprach Zarathustra, outrageous Binaural recording, 02/15/09

John Butler Trio - Grand National, great music, 03/02/09

10,000 Manics - Campfire Songs, well recorded foot tapin' music, 03/14/09

Patricia Barber - Cafe' Blue, very well recorded but not sure it's my taste, 03/20/09

Diana Krall - Quiet Nights, beautiful voice, beautiful recording, 04/05/09

Alison Krauss & US - Live, very very well recorded, teriffic performance, 05/01/09

Stevie Nicks - The Soundstage Sessions, Great sound, Great Stevie, 05/14/09

Bob Seger & the Silver Bullet Band - Greatest Hits, released 1994 great music, 05/20/09

Arlo Guthrie - Washington County, a really nice album recorded in 1970, 05/29/09

Diana Krall - Live in Paris, A great performance very well recorded, demo material, 06/13/09

Linda Ronstadt, Heart Like a Wheel - Outstanding remaster by Audio Fidelity, 06/16/09, ser #39

Deep Purple, In Rock, - another great effort by Steve Hoffman, 07/17/09, ser #39

Tchaikovsky 1812 - Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra, 1958 recording, live cannon fire, 07/31/09

Katie Melua - Live at the O2, a great contert well recorded, 08/13/09

The Pretenders - Pretenders, awsome Audio Fidelity remaster, 09/03/09 ser #39

Erich Kunzel & Cinn. Pops - Bolero, great Telarc recording, 10/04/09

Barbra Streisand - Love is the Answer, well recorded, 10/07/09

A Fine Frenzy - One Cell in the Sea - Alison Sudol, nice voice well recorded, 10/20/09

Best of - Pure Prairie League - this is a well recorded fun listen, Great CD, 11/02/09

John Mayall/Eric Clapton & Blues Breakers, outstanding remaster by SH, ser #39 11/11/09

Yes - 90125, Excellent remaster by SH on AF, serial #0039, 11/25/09

When I Fall in Love - Chris Botti, Jess! this guy can blow a horn, 11/28/09

Tigerlily - Natalie Merchant, MFSL remaster, this is one of my favorite CDs, excellent X2 sound, 12/08/09

The Foundation - Zac Brown Band, well recorded original songs, a real fun listen, 12/23/09

Dreamin' Man, Live - Neil Young, good acoustic album, 12/27/09

Crystal Visions - Stevie Nicks, all her good stuff well recorded with a DVD, 01/01/10

A Night in Paris - Diana Krall, UK edition of A Night in Paris w/video, Great, 01/19/10

Jazz SACD sampler for Concord, outstanding recording. 01/23/10

Lynyrd Skynyrd - Secord Helping, AF remaster, this is a classic ser. #0039, 02/05/10

Vince Benedetti with Diana Krall, Heaartdrops, nice jazz with very early Diana, 02/18/10

Carolina Chocolate Drops, Genuine Negro Jig, well recorded fun listen, 03/06/10

Bob Dylan, Blode on Blode, SACD classic 03/13/10

Jaimee Paul - At Last, Beautiful voice & great classic songs, 04/03/10

Natlie Merchant - Leave Your Sleep, well recorded, beautifully packaged but a little too slow, 05/11/10

Simon & Garfunkel - Sounds of Silence, AF remaster, outstanding, 05/22/10

Melody Gardot - My One and Only Thrill, sweet voice & well recorded, 05/29/10

John Coltrane - A Love Supreme, Verve SACD, classic 06/20/10......Happy Fathers Day!

Laura Nyro - Time & Love, The Essential Masters, Audio Fidelity Gold, classic, 07/11/10

Barbra Streisand - One Night Only, Barbra with Quartet beautifully recorded, 07/23/10

Karrin Allyson - Ballads, remembering John Coltrane, nice voice and quartet, well recorded, 08/07/10

Diana Krall - When I Look in Your Eyes SACD, One of my favorites, 08/22/10

Diana Krall - A Night in Paris (UK version of "Live") first listen with my Balanced RS-1s, stunning, 09/16/10

Gloria Lynne - Lonely & Sentimental released in 1959, nice remaster, 10/3/10

Eric Clapton - Me and Mr. Johnson, 10/14/10

Janis Ian - Autobiography Collection, 11/09/10

Nils Lofgren - Acoustic Live, still a favorite, 12/29/10

Lara Fabian - Lara Fabian, nice voice but too much background, 01/15/11

Ray Brown Trio - Live at the LOA, Great music very well recorded SACD, 01/28/11

Eva Cassidy - Simply Eva, Eva & her guitar, well done, 02/09/11 Happy Birthday to me!

Rebecca Pidgeon - Retrospective, very well recorded vocal, 03/03/11

Grace - Rachel Z, Chesky records, very well recorded vocal & jazz trio, 03/07/11

Carole King - Carnegie Hall Concert, June, 18, 1971, MFSL SACD great concert by a young King, 04/05/11

Neil Young - Comes a Time, classic Neil, 04/06/11

Paul Simon - So Beautiful or So What, truely is the best since Rythem of the Saints, 04/17/11

Byrds - Younger than Yesterday, AF remaster by Steve Hoffman - 05/05/11

Simply Red - Life, I'm really liking this group, 05/26/11

The Best of Peter Greene's Fleetwood Mac - Peter Greene - 05/30/11

Youn Sun Nah - Voyage, Korean jazz singer, nice voice well recorded, 06/03/11

Grateful Dead - History Bear's Choice, classic live Dead, 07/08/11

Bob Dylan - Freewheelin' SACD, now this is Bob at his best, 07/13/11

Carole King - Carnegie Hall 1971, SACD, 07/13/11 two entries in one day

Daina Krall - Girl in the Other Room SACD, 07/19/11

Simply Red - Picture Book, head-boppin' music 09/05/11

Lady Antebellum - Own the Night, I like this 09/25/11

Steve Earle - Copperhead Road, Great music & an excellent DDD recording 10/06/11

Jon & Diana Jo Burlson - New Moon Rising, fine folk singing on this 1st CD effort, 10/20/11

Scheherazade - Fritz Reiner & Chicage Symphony, RCA living Stereo SACD, stunning, 11/21/11

Josh White - The Electra Years, well done recordings from the 60's, 12/07/11 Pearl Harbor day

Carole King - Music, nice album of King originals, 12/28/11

Various female jazz singers - Tourch Songs, 12/31/11...........11:21pm

Hair - Org. Broadway Cast, 01/30/12..saw this twice on Broadway & once off

Andy Lumpp, Hugo Read, Michael Kuttner - Midnight Sun, binaural, 01/31/12

Sine'ad Lohan - No Mermaids, beautiful voice well recorded, 02/08/12

Sugarland - Love on the Inside, not as good as I thought it would be, 02/09/12, Happy Birthday to me!

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball, listen to the lyrics, awsome album - 03/07/12

Cheryl Bentyne - Songs of Our Time, very well engineered & beautifully sung, 03/12/12

Cannonball Adderley - Somethin' Else, excellent jazz from 1958, 03/18/12

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Different, I like it, 03/21/12

Bruce Springsteen - Wrecking Ball - his best in a long time, 04/07/12

Carolina Chocolate Drops - Leaving Eden, well recorded toe-tappin' music, 04/12/12

Sade' - Love Deluxe, very smooth, relaxing, 04/22/12

The Wailin' Jennys - Live at the Mauch Chunk Opera, nice live performance well recorded, 05/02/12

Bob Dylan - Blood on the Tracks, this is the Bob I like, 05/14/12

Cannonball Adderley & Milt Jackson, Things are Getting Better, great sounding SACD, 05/30/12

Glenn Frey - After Hours, laid back & well recorded, 06/06/12

Beach Boys - That's Why God Made the Radio, It's the BB's, sweet, 06/23/12

Carole King - The Legendary Demos, Early Carole, raw recordings great listen, 07/18/12

Ray Charles - Genius Loves Company, great duets, well recorded, 08/02/12

Bob Dylan - Greatest Hits, AF Steve Hoffman remaster, excellent, 08/06/12

George Harrison - Early Takes, George alone, very vice, 08/08/12

Tedeschi/Trucks - Everybody'sTalkin', Great Live album, 08/31/12

The Elkville String Band - A Short Life of Trouble, about Tom Dooley of Wilkes Co., NC - 09/22/12

Neil Young - Greatest Hits, Gotta' listen to it every-now-and-then - 12/02/12

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros - Here, I love this group, 12-21-12

Alabama Shakes - Boys & Girls, great new band, 12/24/12 Merry Christmas!

Susan Wong - 511, beautifully recorded vocal, 01/01/13 Happy New Year!

Morgan James - Live, nicely done trib to Nina Simone, 01/16/13

Joni Mitchell - Court & Spark, classic Joni, 02/09/13 Happy Birthday to me!

The Piano Guys - The Piano Guys, New Age, Jazz, Classical? don't know but it's good, 03/03/13

Boz Scaggs, Memphis, great Boz, 04/01/13, Happy Birthday Mary!

Carole King - Pearls, classic King & Goffin, 05/19/13

Jackie Evancho - Dream with me, amazing voice for such a young person, 07/15/13

Bennett/Brubeck - The White House Sessions, live 1962, not the best recording but an OUTSTANDING performance, 08/03/1

Tedeschi Trucks Band - Made Up Mind, good recording of great blues, 10/09/13

Natlie Merchant - Wonder from Amazon UK (disc 1), she has such a great voice, 10/21/13

Natlie Merchant - Live, NYC 06/13/99 - Great concert, well recorded 12/03/13 too long since the last post

Decemberists - The King is Dead, great music, Xmas gift exchange from Zashoomin (Ben), 12/18/13

Matt Glass - When I Am Thomas, Local artist, very good, 01/11/14

Amber Ruthbart - A Common Case of Disappearing, great singer/song writer wonderful album, 02/06/14
Chesy's Sensational, Fantastis & Simple Amazing Binaural, Good, not great, 02/10/14
Peter, Paul & Mary - Audio Fidelity SACD, an amazing recording, 04/03/14
Muddy Waters - Folk Singer SACD, Great, Great Blues, 04/06/14
Mary Gauthier - Mercy Now, a very intense lady, 08/18/14, long time no post, big life changes
Tony Bennett & Lady Gaga - Cheek to Cheek, odd couple who work well together, 10/1/14
Fiona Joy Hawkins - 600 Years in a Moment, SACD well recorded, very restful - 11/20/14
Ann Hampton Callaway - Blues in the Night, SACD very nice recording, 12/7/14, Pearl Harbor Day
Christine McVie - Self Titled, Great voice, so much a part of Fleetwood Mac 03/25/15, been away too long
Foreigner - Acoustique,, Very good, their hits done acousticly 03/26/15
The Story - Brandie Carlile Talented singer/song writer, 07/09/15
Transatlantic Sessions, The Best of Folk - Vol..1 Various - Amazing Folk Produced by PBS, 08/29/15
Wallflower - Diana Krall, SACD from Hong Kong Excellent sound, 10/05/15
Elephant Revival - Elephant Revival, these guys are great, 01/04/17
WOW! its been a while since I've posted here, time to start again.
Grand Canyon Suite - Grofe'/Morton Gould Orchestra, recorded in 1957, very well done 02/18/18
And again its been awhile....I really should come back to the Forum. I still enjoy music & my phones.
Keb Mo, That Hot Pink Blues Album, great sound & great blues, 08/29/18
Simon&Garfunkel Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & thyme, new released by MOFI, excellent - 11-28-18
Neil Young, Songs for Judy, recorded in 1976, classic early Neil, great listening - 12/24/18
Natalie Merchant, Tigerlily, the MFSL version, excellent, one of my favorite albums - 01-02-19
Taj Mahal&Keb Mo, GREAT BLUES, & recording, long time since I've poster here, sorry, 12-03-19
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant, No Quarter, circa 1994, good music 05/29/21
Brandi Carlile - In These Silent Days, excellent singer/songwriter, great album, 11/13/21
Buckingham/McVie - they perform well together, this is excellent music 06/04/23
Diana Krall - This Dream of You, Nice album but I'm waiting for something that's all Quartet, 02/10/24
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Rolling Stones - Beggers Banquet

why I didn't buy any Stones alums earlier is beyond me: so much fun!
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John Lennon - Double Fantasy Album
We Love Ella - Various artists (the whole album is really good)
Canonball Adderley - Somethin Else Album
Queen Latifah - The Dana Owens Album
Jake Shimabukuro - While My Guitar Gently Weeps
Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon

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