What Are You Listening To Right Now?
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"Kind of Blue" - Miles Davis

"Permanent Waves" - Rush

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KT Tunstall - Eye to the Telescope
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I have been trying to be more lenient with brickwalled albums lately. Kanye West's most recent album Yeezus for example I believe to be intentionally off-putting both musically and sonically. I think the really harsh mastering on that is completely an artistic decision and I can stand behind that. I've also tried to learn to see digital clipping and over-compression as something some artists might intend to be part of their sound. I might not always like it, but I can respect it as a creative decision. I don't feel that it is an artist's duty to try to cater to what his/her/their audience wants. Then again there is nothing wrong with doing that either. That being said, in many cases it's almost impossible to know what an artist's true intentions were unless they discuss it openly somewhere. If an album was mastered loud simply to follow trends or because of outside pressure, that is just… sad.
There are some thrash metal sections on the album that definitely remind me of modernized early Metallica and other thrash metal bands from that era. The singing during the first third of Kirisute Gomen in particular sounds to me a lot like Metallica to me. Just an observation, nothing more. The first two or three tracks felt like the immediate standout tracks for me, although I don't really have very clear impressions of the later songs because my thoughts were beginning to wander a bit at that point and my focus wasn't at its best. My attention span is optimized for 40-minute albums from the vinyl era, I'm afraid.
The vinyl was likely only made available as a limited pressing. It would certainly be interesting to compare if it has an entirely different master than the CD. In any case it is impossible for it to be quite as loud as the CD, but if no additional effort was put into it it is quite possible that it sounds pretty flat and dull. Then again on some metal albums the differences between the CD and vinyl master are staggering so you never know before hearing yourself.

I loved your take.  Kanye West is a complex artist who marches to his own drum.
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Simply a masterpiece. I've been listening to it for decades, and it never ages.

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