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What are the best eartips for sm3?

  1. Rawratchu
    Iv been thinking about getting the sm3's but im worried that i wont get the most out of the iem with the eartips they supply. What would be the most comfortable and produce the best sound quality without buying customs?
  2. koonhua90
    Custom tips.
  3. knubbe
    Stock double flanges work great for me. Customs are probably best though
  4. lucozade
    silicon double flange work for me ,and give superb  sound from the SM3 [​IMG]
  5. Rawratchu
    I dont know if this a noob reply, but is there a certain brand/manufacture of the double flange's you use? If so where can i buy it o.o
  6. knubbe
    I'm assuming he means that come with them.
  7. Big Kev
    Mine didn't come with the new tips, so I'm using the double flange ones that came with the RE0's and they're the best for me.
  8. Rawratchu
    i see o.o, i thought they only come with comply tips o.o
  9. Big Kev


    That's only the new batches mate, although you can order them from the Earsonics website, although the postage they charge pretty much rules that out, they wanted €30 to deliver them to England.  I've heard Handheld Audio may be stocking them in the near future, with a decent postage rate I hope.
  10. Rawratchu
    So i can use other manufactures tips? and they will work fine with the iems?
  11. knubbe
    Sure as long as they fit, or you find a way to make them fit. Why wouldn't they?
  12. Bennyboy71
    The stock double silicones that ship with the new reshelled SM3s are perfect to my ears.
  13. slaters70
    For me, the Shure triple flanges are perfect. I don't have the new b-flange silicones that Earsonics is shipping. Maybe I should ask for a pair. But the Shures or the Monster triples (Comply core required as adapter) are both very good.
  14. cn11
    I'm having great success with JAYS single flange silicones. They fit the stem perfectly, and create a very solid seal. They also provide a more open, spacious sound than any other universal tip I've tried on them, I think because of their slightly larger opening. Shure black foam 'olives' are also quite good on them. So, you do have options... basically try anything which fits the skinny nozzle IEMs. 
  15. koonhua90
    Triple flange that fits Monster earphones, with any proper spacer to keep it secure.

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