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What are the best eartips for sm3?

  1. kdawgg83
    I would say that any silicone tips that give you a good seal will work well. I am using a set of triple flanges from a cheap set of phones that work great.
  2. ericp10
    I think this is one IEM that no one can really answer that question for you but you. The SM3 is very tip dependent, but not every tip works the same for every ear. So for, The Jays transparent silicons, The large Shure foam olives and the double -flanges that come with the SM3 work best for me.
  3. Rawratchu
    alright thanks guys. Ill just buy a bunch of random tips and see how it works out.
  4. kdawgg83
    I again tried the silicone double flanges that come with the SM3s and they just do not work for me. They key to these earphones, like many are saying (and I agree) is deep insertion and sound isolation. The double flanges did not form a good seal and sounded really thin (complete lack of bass). Once I put on my triple flanges and stuck em in deep the bass came alive (deep & punchy). My tri-flanges have a smaller opening, but the sound quality seems better. Comfort-wise, I really dislike having to shove the tri-flanges so far into my ear, but I guess that's the price I have to pay. Maybe in a few months time I will consider custom tips for a more comfortable seal.
  5. Magi
    Didnt bennyboy recommend the sensorcom biflanges? or are the biflanges that came with the new sm3's better?
  6. Carlsan
    Reviving this thread to see if anyone has anything to add. Just got these earphones, so I'm looking for better solutions than the included tips.
  7. nickie
    I just found these triple-flange and they turned out to be much better than the stock grey bi-flange, they fits much better with smaller tube size one one end
    but widen by double on the exit. They come in 2 sizes small and big and fits much better than the shure stock Triple-flange they were just to big for me :/

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