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westone 4 vs ie80 ?? is it worth going for ie80.. help wanted

  1. Sylaw

    hey guys right nw im using a westone4... and im pretty much loving the instrumantle spration in those.... + the proffesional sound they make. but one of my friend told me that ie80 do a better job than the w4s.. im kinda confuzed r8 hear... i would love to hear a lil bass punch on my music but im afraid abt the naturality and accuracy of the ie80 over the w4... is it worth going to a ie80? i listn to black metal , doom metal , death & little bit of dubstep... so i need that every last detail of the song ..... plz be kind to me to decide....

    or could u suggest me a cheap amp to improve the bass ext on w4s?

    * sorry for sm miss spells in. the text.... wolah!!!!!!!! its new year what could make a guy not drink a bit more.. :beerchug: :beerchug:

  2. i2ehan

    In all honesty, as fond as I am of the SENN's, you'd be better off with something along the lines of the EX1000, than the IE80. Between the two, the EX1000 is comparatively more accurate and transparent, and certainly won't hide any details. That's not to say the IE80 isn't a solid performer, however, because it definitely is. But whenever I've compared the two, I've found that the EX1000 is still the more technically proficient. It's for this reason I'd recommend the EX1000 over both the W4 and IE80. If you don't mind the subpar isolation, which would be the case with either one (IE80 and EX1000), you've really nothing to lose, my friend. All the best! [​IMG]
    P.S. Happy New year! 
  3. Sylaw

    thanks for giving ur openen dude!

    ill give a look for the ex1000 as well..... by the way happy new year dude! \m/

  4. Sylaw
    i guess now i have to think three iems insted:: can any one elz also give a shout?
  5. Lorspeaker
    i like the spaciousness and seperation of the w4...
    the ie80 has an authoritative attack to the way it presents the music.
    so if u like more bite to the way u listen to your music, then ie80.
    or buy both and sell one later.. :p
  6. kitaraville
    or get an ie8, they are discontinued and can be found for a rather low price, bought a pair for 200$
  7. Sylaw
    uhmmm... guys i spent almost all of my cash on booze this weekend.....! so buying another set of iems is not good idea at this movemnggt! hey what do u guys thinking ex1000 compaired to w4?
  8. i2ehan
  9. Sylaw
    i think somethings wrng with my westones guys... it seems like the right ear bud isnt balance as the left ear bud.... I mean HOW THE DIP **** IS THAT???? their only a 1 week old???  can any one tell me why is this????
  10. pilus


    Seeing how much booze related nonsense you've spouted previously, it's highly likely that you've swallowed it and then pooped it back when u're unconscious ... cheers mate
    zachchen1996 likes this.
  11. roycantos

    I'm using W4 too, though the bass extension is a lackluster but the instrumentation is spectacular get Digizoid ZO2.3 it gives a new life/punch for westone 4. As I read ex1000 and ie80 noise isolation is subpar compare to W4, so keep the W4 and get   Digizoid ZO2.3 =)
  12. Sylaw
  13. Sylaw
    no actualy the bass isnt hitting on center.... some what like a 1 % panned to the left side...its quite annoying though... :frowning2: is it a prob or not??
  14. Lorspeaker
    most drumsets are set to the left...no? 
  15. lee730
    While the EX1000 is technically a better performer I find the IE80 and FX700 superior to it in overall enjoyment. I found the EX1000 to be terribly sibilant and could not enjoy the sound at all. Also the notes are very thin on the EX1000 and sound anemic to me. I like my notes to be thicker and have weight which the IE80 and FX700 have in spades. The FX700 sounds the most natural and real sounding out of them all. IE80s has a more enjoyable and non fatiguing smooth sound yet still very upfront and quite detailed.

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