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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. Thomas De Brito
    I am wondering if those sold on ebay good or not. I know mouser sells those kind of products but their shipping rate are too expensive
  2. waynes world
    Long story: I bought my Walnut from Taobao (because it was cheap - my mistake!). I didn't realize that it was going to be shipped to a 3rd party shipping company that wanted more money to get it shipped to me (at least, I think that's what they wanted). I couldn't find out how much that was going to be. There were no links to get to them.  The seller doesn't speak English, so he wasn't much help. I tried online chat, and they sent me to the forwarding company's online help, but they don't speak English, so we just clucked at each other like chickens. They wanted me to phone them in China, which I couldn't do. The online taobao girl (I presume) named Dada helped me over the course of a few nights to get the "return from warehouse to seller" page filled in (with seller's chinese address etc), so I think it's now on it's way back to the seller, who will in theory provide me with a refund. All in all I've probably spent 4 hours dealing with this. I was close to donating my walnut to the shipping company lol!
    Short story: so, where should I buy a Walnut from lol?
  3. dennisopk
    Careful, don't choose the Nertherland Post for their free shipping, that mean surface mail. I am still waiting for my stuffs, shipped off gestbest on the 24.11.16, ordered on 22.11.16,(fast processing) till now the shipment still have not arrived here. Yes they have tracking- it just said -on transport to the country of destination. I email them, they confirmed international surface mail. that was my mistake.
    Aliexpress or Fasttech.com free shipping is much better 12-15 days most 20 days.
  4. rubick
    I really enjoy the muses02 with the walnut!
  5. dennisopk
    Any big sound different with muses01 and muses02, do they cost the same, I read somewhere they are expensive.
  6. rubick
    Didnt get to try with the muses01.
    The muses01 is 100yen more expensive than the muses02 on the japan site that are selling it.
  7. hakuzen
    used as an amp, when amplifying a 1.874Vrms signal: starts at1.30h, 0.18Vrms at 2h, 0.4Vrms at 2.30h; 3Vrms at 3h, 5Vrms at 4h, 5.8Vrms at 5h, and 6.1 to 6.4Vrms from 6h to 10h); but there is clipping above 4.2Vrms, so suitable volumes are from 2h to 3.30h; impossible to fine adjust the volume. and very big imbalance, due to the volume potentiometer (bigger at first ticks).
    thank you very much for your measurements. you were fast! they confirm my walnut is "ok".
    use the save button in these windows to save the pic as a file. then you can attach the files to your post (no window, only the graph).
  8. bzfrank
    Tried both Muses01/02, both sound well and detailed, the 02 with significant more bass.
    But - Lo and behold - the cheapo AD825 gives a wider sound stage in the Walnut and is a tad more musical. The Muses show better details but their price point compared the the cost of the Walnut itself is bordering insanity. The 825 is pure fun in the Walnut.
  9. Thomas De Brito
    which site did you get yours
  10. mgunin
    BTW, I wonder if anyone had a chance to try Walnut with Shozy Zero? How does it sound?
  11. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Sounds good. I'm not exactly a huge fan of the Zero though. Would easily rather listen to Portapro's. Zero is good compared to other single DD iem's in it's price range, that's about it.
    mgunin likes this.
  12. nmatheis Contributor

    Nice. I've got MUSES01 and MUSES02. I'll give them a try!
  13. Ruben123

    That is funny, I've always thought that the ruizu has a huge bass roll off since all my bassy earphones sounded much better with it. Perhaps I've got a newer/ older model than you have though
  14. Romis
    I bought off ebay, delivery was fast but volume knob appears little bit hooked. And sometimes strange background noises appear. I`m going to write to seller. 
  15. nocchi
    Lol while demoing the xduoo x10 earlier, post office texted me pick up my walnut on their office. God I'm excited for tomorrow.
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