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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. macky112
    for burn-in, do i need to leave a earphone plugged in?  or can I just run the 'nut without any earphones?
  2. macky112
    I got an answer from the RMAA main thread, and they explained that basically the difference between Ruizu's loaded and unloaded will look much more different than my other DAP's loaded vs unloaded, due to cheaper design.
    I just ordered a 3.5mm splitter, so I will go to work when it arrives for some RMAA loaded charting.
  3. Frederick Wang
    My walnut arrived this evening, haven't listened to it, anyway I don't have a SD card under 32 GB now, so might wait for several more days. For the price I paid, I cannot ask more for its form factor, it is of beautifully unostentatious design which I like, unlike my last gear Zishan player cries out shoddy DIY from every pore. 
    One thing I noticed weird. I have been charging it since I got it, about 2 hours later, the indication light shows green, I picked it up, the light instantly turned red, so I put it down for some more time. Just now, I noticed the light again is green, as I lifted if from the table the light once again turned red. Is that normal? 
  4. flamesofarctica

    Wow at last!!
  5. vapman

    I can't promise but i think it works if you leave it powered on but not plugged in to headphones. But if you run it with earphones you get to burn in 2 things at once... And i always have new gear so something is always burning in here...

    I've never seen this. Probably nothing to worry about but it could be anything from usb cable to the battery to a loose usb port? Sorry i can't give you a more specific answer but encourage you to mess with other cables or chargers just in case
  6. musicday
    I forgot how much music in wav format you can store even on a 4 gb micro sd.
    Is brilliant, convenient and cheap.
    I feel like i a listening to a cassette player.Love the resume feature once you turn it back on.
    Love it,only thing want ask for in the future is 24 bit/192 khz support if possible and shuffle mode.
  7. flamesofarctica
    Newly arrived Zen 2 + Walnut + a bit of Marillion = Nice!!

    I've spoiled myself a bit anyway with 3 really good earbuds arriving in the same week, but this combo is really blowing me away :-D
  8. yacobx

    Pictures please
  9. flamesofarctica


    Best I could do at short notice :-D
  10. yacobx

    Nice! I was thinking about trying this dap out for my zen
  11. vapman
    I need to get a hold of a zen 2 again. People keep saying the pairing with this is exceptional
  12. musicday
    Inam going to try and watch a movie on laptop and use the Walnut as headphone amplifier.
    If i am not mistaken only Vapman have tried that so far, right?
  13. flamesofarctica

    It's nice. Said it with the Monk+ but so much more with the Zen 2..It's the closest thing I've heard to listening to my old hi-fi separates on speakers in the early 90s..
    So much so Ive just ordered myself a copy of KLF - The White Room. I need to hear Justified and Ancient again, on this setup!!

    Let's hear how that goes, I'm intrigued.
  14. Spider fan
    I've watched some tv shows on my laptop with HiFime 9018 USB DAC > Walnut > Hd600.  It worked well.
  15. Hutnicks

    Did I miss your head to head comparison with the Tera?
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