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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. groucho69
    Spend the small amount of cash to buy a proper chip puller
  2. groucho69
    Fake stocked by Amazon or from an Amazon seller?
  3. Thomas De Brito
    http://www.ebay.fr/itm/272206286850 something like this?
  4. bzfrank
    I don't remember, will check. But they get the card back anyway... 8GB usable from 32GB and slow as a snail on Valium.
  5. Brian Coffey
    Yes that should work well.
  6. macky112
    i am also hearing a very low noise in the background regardless of where the volume pot is, is that the noise floor?  i hope it goes away with burn-in...
    and FWIW, here is the comparison table from RMAA software for those that can understand it.
  7. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    Tried some opamps today: 
    Most were surprisingly nice. Least favorite was AD746, really neutral, kinda dull and thin. LT1364 sounds like a better version of AD746, keeping the neutral and thin nature but doesn't sound dull.
    AD826 has attack and texture, bass extends deeper than the others, many AD opamps have deep bass it seems, like AD827 as well. The mids are actually not as recessed as AD827, the sound is forward in nature, maybe lacking nuance but making up with the high energy this opamp puts out. AD827 is more refined in general.
    I found new favorites for mids, TLE2072 and TLE2082 are actually both very nice, pretty similar, but TLE2072 edges out the mids, and TLE2082 is like TLE2072 but slightly less focus on the mids with more treble and bass extension for more all rounder sound. Nice easy going natural sound, not in your face like the AD826, these TLE opamps will suit any genre (particularly TLE2082).
    I can recommend AD826 and TLE2072, TLE2082, all very enjoyable.
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  8. dennisopk
    Noted, Thanks again.
  9. dennisopk
    Is the opamp JRC2114DD=MJM2114DD they could be found here
  10. T.R.A.N.C.E.
    NJM2114D is the actual name of that opamp, you can find it at any major electronic outlet like Mouser, RS online, Digikey. I also tried NJM2068D, again is warm and tubey but lacking detail.
  11. groucho69
    That'll do it
  12. dennisopk
    Thanks, noted
  13. dennisopk
    Thanks, noted
  14. LaughMoreDaily
    Gearbest definitely seems on top of the world as for running their company. Shipping is almost immediate. It's amazing!
  15. music4mhell
    Could you please share Aliexpress links ?
    I am new to Opamp rolling, but i wanna try it, it seems to be fun.
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