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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. macky112

    I selected "graphic eq" for processing when I convert my flac to flac again, but the eq settings didn't get encoded into my new flac file. At the time of the convert my graphic eq has the settings I wanted

    What went wrong?
  2. vapman
    Foobar actually has 2 different EQ's built in. One is just Equalizer and one is Graphic Equalizer. I think your problem is you have the wrong one selected! ( They should have done a better job of making it clearer )
  3. nick n
    I think the Walnut pushes too  much power into the  Reveel or something, unless it needs a charge.
    Reveel for desktop use right after a standalone DAC then out to the big amp it is amazingly good.
    Had to use it at a lower Walnut volume out to it then to an amp. Could be user error here.
    I'll revert to the 49860NA now the LME49990 ( dual mono amps on a single DIP8 adapter ) is hyper revealing really good but it drops the low end down a bit. 
    Low end has super great punch and clarity/control ( like the rest of the spectrum ), but I do like my bassessesess so........
    In other words=49990 bass quality is tops, quantity a bit less. Oh well was worth a try.
    Taste dependent.
    Have the AD825AR and also  OPA134 eastern military equivalents coming  soon.
    Think it is time to slow down on opamps.
    Changing signatures, I can see it getting really addictive, plus the hit and miss factor.[​IMG] 
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  4. vapman
    I have a 10 pack of NE5532 and I knew it when I bought the Walnut, my Walnut I roll opamps in I have tried a half dozen in and either found them completely unremarkable or just not as good as the NE5532, OF course all personal preferences. The OPA lineup is not bad if you find the Walnut to just have too much energy and bass for your tastes. It takes away that 80's hi-fi high power sound and tames it quite a lot. This might be a good one for IEM users who don't like the bassy sound. I think opa2134pa is what I tried. I am a NE5532 fan  though, no question about it... I fitted my X-fi Titanium HD with NE5532. That finally got me to stop using my EMU USB DACs.... a week later I got my 1st walnut and barely touch the dang computer for music anymore. Except, now I am having a lot of fun using it at the end of amp chains out of my X-fi. The reveel is cool because it does the same thing that the Sound Blaster Crystallizer does. It is redundant to have the two going at the same time, but the hardware approach colors the sound in a different way than being done in the X-fi's DSP. Having the Walnut at the end of the chain is ideal to me because it is a very basic amp design with tons of power, so I wanted to make use of its greatest feature - its huge power output. That is why the reveel is first in the chain - it puts out the least power of anything and has a tiny output impedance so it's good at the start out of the DAC. The bMac doesn't put out nearly as much power as the Walnut but I feel it benefits much more from the Burson V5i discrete opamp as it is better suited to make use of the discrete opamp's technical superiority. Then I can use the 75 ohm output versus the main output (10-16 ohms? i forget, a total guess) to make a little better use of the Walnut's volume range. I have to keep Foobar running with -10 dB on the master volume or it's just too much even for the SZ2000. 4.2v RMS is a LOT of power. 
    In short... You get the best results when you treat the Walnut the same way you would a vintage hi-fi receiver in your chain. Those guys also are capable of multiple jobs and it's up to the listener what it's best suited for.
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  5. musicday
    Screenshot_2017-01-06-18-31-43.png My Walnuts are still not here :disappointed:
    Been enjoying lots and lots 6 hours of uninterrupted music with my Tera Player and Sony E808+ with the apple cable with microphone.
    The bass is really opening up,and very good separation and micro details.
    You all should do this and hear it for yourself.
    Even watching a movie was immersive.
  6. macky112
    I noticed the original foobar2000 EQ is under View> EQ
    but the Graphical EQ is under both View>Graphics EQ, and also View>DSD>Graphics EQ, and clicking on either brings up the same Graphics EQ window and setting.
    I know the Graphical EQ was working, and I just converted again making sure Graphical EQ was selected under Processing, and same thing, the before and after Flac sound the same.
    what did I miss?
  7. vapman
    Post a screenshot of your conversion window. The same one I posted that shows George Yohng's VST Wrapper and Equalizer
  8. macky112
    I figured it out!  
    I didn't know that the Graphic EQ from convert window has default flat setting, I assumed it has whatever setting on the main window Graphic EQ!
    all is well now, thanks!
  9. vapman
    Good to know bro. It actually took me years before I realized there were two EQ's in Foobar. It was not the most intuitive thing. I started using a VST equalizer and wrapper because I thought the Foobar EQ only worked half the time. LOL 
    But a nice Parametric  EQ offers more flexibility than any standard graphic EQ so i never went back.
  10. flamesofarctica
    I'm waiting on a package with the exact same tracking dates/times, that could literally be a screenshot from my AliExpress account! Oddly from CKLewis also (another Walnut, plus some random diy earbuds which I chanced). Have stuff that came through customs days earlier, same delivery method, only ordered Christmas Eve and already arrived, it's really strange.

    Ah well...The wonders of Sinotrans (whatever they are) and Royal Mail...They'll turn up soon I'm sure, at least we have plenty backup stuff.

    Looking forward to hearing your impressions when they arrive after your long wait.
  11. kfarndog
    Yes! The Walnut is exactly like some of the great hi-fi receivers (70s-80s Harman, Sansui, Pioneer).  I have an old Harman receiver that is an absolute hit or complete miss with what you plug into it.  The Walnut is the same for me - either great synergy or not so much.  
    Maybe this weekend I will write a short review of the Walnut and some brief thoughts about the winners/losers that I have been listening to the last couple weeks with it.
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  12. noknok23
    Ok so I found out all the corrupted flac I had in my SD card were 24 bits :rolling_eyes: Fixed.
    Listening to Brian Eno's reflections, with my asura. Very nice combo for ambient sounds. The feel of space and the richness is so pleasing to the ears.
  13. vapman
    Walnut and Asura is an awesome combo! When I get better at braiding I am going to recable my Asura 2.0 with copper litz.
  14. nick n
    When you do get a cable rolling make an extra and do up the Sony HPM-62.[​IMG] 
    On the order arrival thing, at least for ebay patience is going to be key.
    I'm way down at the beginning of the list. My first came within 18 days but that was before the Christmas mail pileup, and before the thread here got rolling.
    Maker is likely playing catchup from getting totally swamped.
    The rest of my ordered Nuts are, even though being down on the ebay purchase history, are still within my estimated delivery date though. Just a waiting game. Have patience.
  15. vapman
    Man I have like 4 HPM 62, i have tried different cable on each, and they all suck! I don't get it [​IMG]
    I'm sure the maker is super behind. I will have to apologize to him for making this thread
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