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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. LaughMoreDaily
    Can someone post a small review vs. other players they own? I'll do it when I get mine vs: the Sansa Clip+, and the Benjie S5. The Sansa Clip+ was the most expensive one.
  2. vapman
    I would do this right now for you if i could bro. but one of my sansa clip is dead, and the other is lost somewhere in my apartment [​IMG] 
    Plus maybe you want to hear from someone who doesn't think their Walnut is the greatest thing since sliced iPods.
  3. Decommo
    Hello. Does anyone know what the output impedance of Walnut v2 is? Is it greater than 1 ohm?
  4. musicday
    The output impedance is very high,over 100 ohm.Serch the thread.
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  5. vapman
    Yup, it's high, you can run it into another (less powerful of course) amp if the output resistance is important to you. However this only applies to BA & more imporantly hybrid BA IEM users, and even though I'm not much a fan of IEMs I find BA to be unsuitable. But that is  the only situation you have where an output resistance high as the Walnut's could have a measurable negative impact on sound. This lil guy can make the most power hungry headphones shake nice n' good.
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  6. flamesofarctica

    Trouble is that's a fair few of us now :-D.

    I do have the Benjie S5 and it's a good budget player. Very good in fact.

    But the fairest thing I can say is.. the Walnut is the one I've taken to work and said to people, 'listen to this...' (forces Monk plus into their ears) '...have you heard what this thing sounds like for 20 quid'.
  7. noknok23
    From personal experience, if sound quality is your only criteria: Sansa Clip+<FiiO M3<Walnut V2
    Sansa Clip+ start to be outclassed... It's quite old now.
    I read people writing Benjie S5 don't do better than nowadays midrange smartphones
    from what I understood, Walnut is to compare with dac such as Fiio X3 or X5 which go above the $100 budget. (if you only consider SQ. functionality is another story lol)
    BTW, I just tried a couple of times now, you can unplug your sd card while playback on, add some track from your computer and put it back on walnut. Playback will still continue from where you left off! very handy.
    I'm a bit afraid to recommend to friends to buy it now though, because of people having issues from late orders like the wonky output and corrupted sd card. Might be better to wait till the hype wave cool off or Im overreacting? lol
  8. vapman
    TBH   I didn't expect over 150 orders to be placed within 2 weeks of me making this thread. In retrospect I would have liked to let him know about the possible surge of interest, but I would have vastly underestimated it.
    All walnuts are tested for QC before shipping, but sometimes QC is not as good when orders are backed up like crazy, understandable because let's be honest, it's a one man operation. We have to understand this guy does it as a hobby and has a normal day job. I'm sure (no, I know) he's thrilled with the surge in popularity, but neither him nor the factory he had them made at were ready for 150+ orders so fast I'm sure...
    As for the fake SD card. i encourage everyone to take this up with your seller. My understanding is the Walnut guy himself is not providing or recommending these cards, that it's a store pack in thing. i could be wrong!!! But it seems like the "extra" items (not the 3.5mm and usb cable) are not coming with the walnut as the designer sells them.
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  9. dennisopk
    I think I am unlucky as I am one of the 150 buyers surge of orders, got a jack input problem, it can't grip tight on some 3.5mm jacks, some others are OK. I took out the PC board the soldering looks good. Lucky my fav monk+, qian39 , SHE3800 and TY Hi 32 are tightly fit, hard shake them jacks, no problem. Others plug in, slight touch of the wire near the 3.5mm jack the sound run. Could it be the quality of the female 3.5mm input jack? I have to use the short extention wire from my HD681Evo to play the other earbuds since the wire jack is tightly fit.
    His gifted SD card is corrupted as well cannot use it after new partition and format. After playing a few newly loaded songs the walnut freeze
    I told CKLewi about my problems awaiting his answer. Anyone got the same problem on the walnut?
  10. Sempenyi
    i have tried all of them but never have a serious compare. but one think i know walnut will crush them all. the only cheap things beat walnut is probably Nintaus X10 and Teri G1. it's not cheaper but still afordable.
    smells like indonesia. what format are you using for walnut ? is it freeze for a long time ?
  11. vapman
    Hmm, if the 3.5mm is soldered right but loose on the inside it could be a bad jack. it might test fine for electrical contact and can let some sound through, but isn't very good. 
    The walnut itself has warranty for anything but the battery if i am not mistaken so your shops should be able to take care of it I would think?  hopefully it isn't a financial burden on the walnut maker. 
  12. Decommo

    Yep. It is not ideal for BA iem. :)
  13. jpciii
    First post - new to the site. I've been into Hi-Fi and vintage audio for a long time... refurbishing vintage speakers, etc. I'm starting to get into headphones a little bit. I mostly plug into 2 channel receivers/amps listening to CD and Vinyl. I'm kinda picky about sound quality, so I've never really got into the mp3/portable scene. Lately, I'm listening to internet radio at work, and I'm looking for something better-sounding. I like the idea of .wav files played through this little oddball DAP/Amp. This will be my first portable player of any kind.
    I ordered one through ebay on Dec 19. The first tracking number update showed up on Dec 27: "Processed Through Facility, SHENZHEN EMS, CHINA". Guess it took that long before it was manufactured ?::shrugs::? No other entries for my tracking# yet. When it arrives, I'll post some impressions. Maybe by the time it arrives, I'll be able to post pics? Sorry, it's unclear to me how the permissions for photo posting works here...
  14. flamesofarctica

    Hopefully he'll be able to grow his reputation through this and move on to develop more stuff, increase the quality even further and make some money from it, because he clearly has a talent for this. I know I'm interested in what's next, and whatever that is, I'm in!
  15. vapman
    Yeah seriously, i'm hoping and I sure he is too that it can bring enough demand to make it his new day job. then quality would go up fast and everybody would win.
    Keep in mind he has to get the PCBs made to order every time because he has no mfg gear of his own.
    By "unsuitable" I mean I personally hate BA iem's and intentionally ran them thru high impedance adapters to change their tone to something I preferred. There are bright DD IEMs too... [​IMG]
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