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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. peter123
  2. vapman
    I have a horrible habit of hitting skip when i can even if I don't want to. Sounds stupid but I do it all the time. this way of listening keeps me from being able to do that =)
    I have two 32GB cards I swap between. It's just like having a  Walkman and two really long  tapes, or a Mindisc player and two discs.... this seems to be a trend in my life? =)
  3. nick n
    I like this also it makes me chill out a bit more instead of constant fastforwards.
    Congratulations on over 1000 posts now. Things are moving fast, unlike some of the shipments .
  4. macky112

    I just installed foobar2000, totally newb, could you advise how many db I should raise in the we as a starting point of reference?

    I installed another graphics eq plugin and it has frequencies of 20 25 31.5 40 50 hz

    If I pull everything up to +12db for sub bass, any chance it could damage my iems?
  5. LaughMoreDaily
    Does anyone know a good price for a Canadian to buy this player? At $30.00 US. With the exchange rate, it is going to be $40.00 Canadian. Or maybe the sound is so good; it doesn't matter.
    I just bought an NX1 Topping Amp ($47. Canadian shipped) with no music playing capability, should I have bought this instead.
    Edit: I just bought a Walnut off LK Lewis. I'm not sure if spending all this money is worth it, it may just p me off. Lol.
  6. vapman
    If you don't do any messing with the pre gain (imagine this as changing where 0dB lies for the EQ), I wouldn't boost more than 5 or 6 dB, and would probably stop at 4 dB if you listen to bass heavy music.
    Boosting to +12dB without lowering pre gain will cause distortion. My setup boosts sub bass up to +24dB but lowers the pre gain by about -16dB
  7. iJay

    That EQ is even more aggressive than mine! Awesome-love it! I'm gonna have to try that plugin. I just did my EQ via the built-in GEQ. So was this tuning by ear or measurement?
  8. vapman
    By ear, I am a SPL freak and will do wild amping tricks to get the most out of my headphones. Basically I strive to maintain clarity, reducing treble brightness to a more natural subdued tone like what you might actually hear in real life (for me at least) which is why the treble has a 2 step reduction, but most importantly maximum sub bass slammage over everything else. I need to feel the bass or I'm not happy.
    Just noticed this is post  #1013, awesome to have over 1k posts in this thread, and musicday doesn't even have his walnuts yet! :joy::joy::joy: (sorry to rub it in...)
  9. macky112

    Cool, thank you the explanation

    I see you have 4 bands configured, could you please share with me the other 3 band settings?

    Off topic, but since you are a car guy I want to hear your take on this: how come when I am riding in a car/bus/train etc the bass from my music "disappears"? I've been using only iem and the bass is still missing when I am commuting, do you know why?
  10. vapman
    No prob. by all means tweak it to your liking.  It is built to match my setup perfectly. I would tweak it myself if i changed very much in my signal path.
    Pre-gain: -15dB 
    • Low shelf / 35 Hz / +26dB / Q 1.08
    • Band / 140 Hz / -1.5dB / Q 2.00
    • Band / 2600 Hz / -2.7dB / Q 2.00
    • High Shelf / 16000 Hz / -18dB / Q 2.60
    Cause you have to deal with outside sounds & with IEM when your hearing is completely sealed off you feel the vibrations of the car and that distracts you 
    I don't use IEM myself for listening, either earbuds & don't raise volume & deal with the bass loss or use headphones (portapros at least) if i gotta have the bass.


  11. vapman
    I thought some of you might appreciate my triple amp setup [​IMG] and that more  would be bewildered by it [​IMG]
    The Reveel, into the Bengkel Macro bMac V2 with a Burson V5i, into the Walnut in amp mode. Crazy how loud it is. Bass impact is just insane with my SZ2000! Lots of fun. It might be able to push some good paper when double amped (Since the reveel is really a DSP not an amp), I'll see if it works.
    When I used my LG V10 as the source I had to use a long cable to keep it really far away from both the Reveel and walnut. Both have no shielding whatsoever...
    D0rk!n likes this.
  12. nick n
    ooooooooooooh it has finally been Reveeled. ( har har )
     I have yet to pair it and the Walnut. So thumbs up?
  13. vapman
    edit: Anyone who can name all the headphones shown in the vid gets a prize :D
  14. nick n
    will go test it now, and also in a Triple amp setup.
     What opamp are you using at the moment?
  15. vapman
    ne5532 (stock) in both my Walnut! it is my favorite for everything.
    Burson V5i in the bMac.
    If I'm not using the walnut as a player I like putting it at the end of a chain.
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