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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. iJay

    Foobar2000 processing does a great job! Using it with my Walnut converts and works great!
  2. avitron142
    This is super weird... CK Lewis canceled my order today because of "no payment."
    ...Even though I already got the Walnut this past week. Anyone experience something similar?
  3. bigbro
    Here it is with flocking/velour adhesive
    I just need to find a really obnoxious volume knob now and I will be happy.
    nick n likes this.
  4. musicday
    All black looks excellent.I have the Tera Player Stealth edition and perfectly happy with the looks.
  5. musicday
    Funny enough i received the Sony E808+ earbuds,order that I placed after the Wallnuts,so hopefully maybe tomorrow.
    Vapman,are the E808+ original? On mine it says Japan,and i love the sound signature straight from the box, especially the tight bass,but i don't like the cable.
    Is that hard to be replaced?
  6. musicday
    By the way I find them superior to Monk+,both comfort and sound, except for the cable.
  7. flamesofarctica
    Wait until your Walnut (s) arrive though and listen to that through the Monk+, before making final judgement - the Walnut and the Monk+ are a lovely combo.
  8. vapman

    Cable is easy to replace i have heard. I have not tried replacing mine cable because i like the j hook but it is on my list of stuff to do. I have seen several pics of recabled e808+

    Also this :wink:
  9. musicday
    Just replaced the cable of the E808+ with the apple cable with the mic.
    Much softer cable now and really enjoying the sound.
    If the Walnuts are not coming tomorrow they will come Friday ha ha .
  10. peter123

    If you don't get enough volume with this player something is definitely wrong.......
  11. vapman
    Just curious if it sounds different to you? I know the Earbuds thread would love to hear about it [​IMG] 
    @purplesun who introduced me to the E808+, cant thank him enough, has recabled one of his (or bought a recabled one?) he says it sounds better. I believe it because 
    You still don't have the walnuts yet!!! What the heck is royal mail doing? I bet they found the thread and are jammin out with them.
    Nice, yours made it [​IMG] May I ask what's plugged in? [​IMG]
  12. flamesofarctica
    Wow. Listening to U2 Zooropa, on the Walnut / Monk plus. I'd never really appreciated this album or liked the production, and this was probably where I stopped listening to U2.

    It sounds gorgeous! What is this wizardry!
  13. peter123

    Sextett's, got the headphones yesterday and the Walnut today. Perfect timing and perfect match, I'm very happy after a couple of hours with the duo. Even if it sounds like s**t with everything else that I own (not that I think it will) this combo alone was worth getting it.

    I've got some nice earbuds that I'm pretty sure it'll sound great with it as well......

  14. iJay

    ​I kinda feel like that with David Bowie. I have listened to him for years and I feel like I am hearing details for the first time. it's very interesting with Walnut/Monk+, very inexpensive setup but very enjoyable!
  15. macky112
    I ordered a Qian39 and an E808+ on aliexpress last night, now all these Monk+ praises are making me having buyer's remorse =(((
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