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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. iJay

    ​Nah...i'm trying NOT to buy the E808+. I wasn't successful finding on AliExpress though, can you provide a link? My resolve may break down later! :)
  2. macky112
  3. flamesofarctica
    No need for buyers remorse for budget earbuds at the price of a sandwich and a coffee :) They're both great earbuds (and the Sony ones have a really good comfortable shape to help them stay in my ears!).

    I just happen to think the Monk+ are the best at the price for what I listen to (rock / metal / vocals) as I just don't get the urge to use my other budget earbuds for long without returning to them. I'm also impressed how well they respond to a bit of power.

    I think the Monk+ suffer from almost being 'the standard' of a decent budget earbud so people are quick to say 'oh xxx is even better...' and discard what's so good about it, it's lovely and balanced and musical, with quite a laid back sound.

    You want tons of bass...You're not going to get that.

    You want loads of treble, nope.

    You want just enough of both? Yep, this is just right (Goldilocks would have loved her Monk+!!)

    I've read that some people find them a bit 'veiled' but I don't hear that myself and certainly not with this combo.

    Some people often recommend the TY 32. I bought myself the TY32S with the lovely red cable to try it out, but I'd rather listen to cats fight if I want that kind of sound signature- but everyones ears and preferences are different.

    It's fun to try out a range of the budget stuff but I also tell myself it's useful ... you can use it to help understand what sound signatures you like before you end up buying some more expensive buds and potentially getting some more expensive gear that is great for some people but you end up hating.
  4. weedophile
    Got my Walnut and am enjoying it right now with the songs that comes with it!

    Any it drives the earbuds that i own really well (Monk+, TY32, K's 64, Qian39, Benjie stock). Currently using it with my Tennmak Pro on commute and enjoying every second with it. (Zishan DSD taking a deserved break finally)
  5. musicday
    Many congratulations.
    Do you like it more then Zishan DSD?Can you compare both? Thank you.
  6. macky112

    Yes please give a comparison of Walnut V2 vs Zishan DSD when possible. THank you
  7. weedophile
    Sure thing! But that have to wait as i am omw to work right now lol
  8. vapman
    You listed the three absolute best  earbuds on the market under $60.
    You can get the Monk+ too and not even have spent $20 on all 3. The value of these budget ones are unparalleled. 
  9. bigbro
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  10. Ruben123
    You do need to use the doughnut foams on the Ty earbuds, otherwise they indeed sound like *******.
  11. bigbro
    Turns out its not the file system that causes the broken audio files or the file size, it is the bit-rate. Anything over 1536kbps doesn't appear to work. I am having to convert some of my flac's to mp3 then to wav to reduce the bit-rate, ah well, it works now so can't complain.
  12. vapman
    Could also be really bad SD fragmentation if it's a slower card or one that hasn't been formatted in a long time but rather had stuff trash canned & deleted to make space. You can't go higher than 16 bit @ 48khz either if you were trying to run 24 bit WAVs.
  13. bigbro
    Must be the 24 bit wav thing, card is pretty much new. 
    -edit, yup, they were 24-bit, d'oh. Thanks for the info vapman.
  14. weedophile
    Pardon me for my newbness but yea i am pretty new to describing impressions.

    Have to say the Walnut is really really powerful, it drives my work earbuds the K's 64ohms really well. So the point is the comparison between the Zishan and the Walnut.

    Initial impression on the Walnut is that everything sounds really clear, vocals and instruments are very detailed, everything is forward sounding but not aggressive. The seperation that it gives to my Ks are very apparent. The SD card doesnt contain any bass heavy songs but from what i like listening to i must say the soundstage so far is perfect for me. The mids and high just hit all the spots.

    And so to make it a fair battle, i plug the same SD card to my Zishan and played the same song over and over again (it's called "If I loved you for just once", kinda sad and emo song) and the Zishan sounded more laid back. Everything else is almost comparable to the Walnut just that the feeling i get from listening to both is that one is slowly climbing up a purple mountain and the other is being bitten by a squirrel and being carried around profusely.

    So far for the price paid for the Walnut, i am questioning myself why i got the Zishan (tho my bro in law gave it as a present).
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  15. iJay

    LOL, my bro in law may know what an iPod is so I'm jealous that yours is in the know!
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