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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman
    I think you've solved your mystery! There should be no play at all on the 3.5mm jack. And yes this would definitely cause a lower output signal
    I vote open it up and resolder the jack so it's more secure. If you can't solder, there are many here who could. I would do it for you, but I think you're overseas from me... 
    Bet you once it's repaired you're gonna blow your eardrums out. =)
  2. Ruben123

    Seems worth a try!!
    vapman likes this.
  3. iJay

    ​LOL...is that a weapon in your pocket?
    Don't let the TSA guys see that...Blacklist for sure!
  4. vapman
    LOL I made a joke a while back about how I could never take this on a plane with me. Maybe I will need to sign up for TSA pre-screening so they'll let me through with it. [​IMG] 
    Been using Sony E808+ earbuds with the Walnut for the last 4 hours nonstop though.
  5. musicday
    Tell me more about this combination,as i have 3 Walnuts to come and 2 Sony E808+ earbuds.
  6. macky112

    So between monk plus, TY 32, E808+, and qian39, which should be my first earbud purchase? And I like sub bass XD
  7. vapman
    Wow. Haven't your Walnuts made it into your country sometime last year? [​IMG] All jokes aside, I hope they get off their butts and get your your walnuts soon [​IMG] I guess it's pretty late for mail to show up in the UK now, so best of luck tomorrow....
    The combo was great. Nice clear cohesive sound with very enjoyable bass. Even if it wasn't dirt cheap, it would still be a very favorable and fun bud to pick up and use, even when you have nicer gear around. The bass has a lot of power and body to it. The combo works with the Walnut's sound signature incredibly well, in my opinion. Electronic music with deep synthesizers is very immersive sounding and the soundstage is excellent. Mids are not necessarily recessed, but they are not forward. Treble has nice extension without being sparkly or unnatural.
    It was a very good combo for going outside and running errands.  It was cold and rainy today so I didn't want to take anything too nice out with me, or I might have taken my Edimun V3. Hadn't used the E808+ in a little while so I remembered why I like it so much. I went to the post office and two other stores on my walk back home. Each place I stopped I was able to hold conversation and be cognizant of my surroundings. I didn't even have to try particularly hard to hear people while I had the E808+ in and playing, because they have even less isolation than most earbuds. I know that might make you think you can't hear any music when wearing them out and about, but the bass power is enough to keep you involved in the music. So, they might be some of my favorites for going outside with. 
    I would put them more or less in line with the Monk+ which I also find to be an absurd value for the price
    If we are going to compare the Monk and E808+ to full size headphones, Monk is to something like the HD600 whereas the E808+ is something like a nice Grado (possibly with a couple db sub bass boost). I had a SR-225 years ago and this reminds me of portable versions of those in a way.
    Imagine a Monk+ with the sub bass raised considerably, maybe a bit smoother but less bright treble but mids are a bit farther back in the mix versus the Monk+. Also I feel the mids are smoother than I remember with the Grado.
    With the Walnut synergy is ridiculous. It makes sense - the E808 original was a pack in with older Sony Walkman/Discman type gear. Some guys made it better and gave it a lot more bass and now we have the E808+. The original E808 was designed to go along with the kind of gear many of us find the Walnut reminds us of. So, to me, the one is basically made for the other.
    I have slowed down on earbud buying a bit because not much I see that's new is interesting me anymore, and I probably have 2 dozen sets here as is. Monk+ and E808+ are the only ones I have multiple backups of. I really do think the E808+ deserves praise. It's a classic Sony model with bass quantity and quality that hangs with the best of them.
    mgunin likes this.
  8. waynes world
    Totally non-walnut related! But I'm interested in this also. I need more monk +'s (with mic), so was about to pull the trigger at massdrop. But maybe it's time to try something new...
  9. vapman
    Read my above long post :wink: 
    For those who are not aware I am a very serious basshead, car audio type, to the point where I run an EQ to boost sub bass when converting CD's for Walnut.
    Many people on head-fi are fans of the TY 32. I hate it. Hate hate hate hate hate it. I can not stand the things. I have said it in the earbud thread and I will say it again: 650 is the only good TY.
    Bass fans ought to get a Qian39 and a E808+. There you have probably the two best bass earbuds on the market.
  10. bigbro
  11. vapman
    Very cool stuff bro, what material is this that you used? Is it self-adhesive or did you have to stick it on? Looks slick either way [​IMG]
  12. macky112
    could you please advise how you boost sub bass when convert to WAV?  and would this work even if I am converting from Flac or it has to be CD rip?
  13. bigbro
    It is just DC-Fix Self Adhesive Vinyl Contact Paper
    Looking at the black velour version now, that would look and feel really nice.
  14. vapman
    That sounds sick. Damn. Now I am wondering if I can get @Cyperus to make me a copper Walnut.
    Cyperus modded Xduoo X3:
  15. vapman
    Sorry, I totally missed this post. The way I do it is with foobar2000. You can load DSP when converting, so it doesn't matter what format you convert from or to.
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