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Walnut Hi-Fi V2 WAV (& MP3) Player by wt - :ok_hand: screenless budget killer combo DAP/Amp :ok_hand:

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by vapman, Dec 8, 2016.
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  1. vapman

    I have noticed there are a few amp pairings where the walnut does not sound as good as directly out of the device being amped. It seems a different headphone could make it sound better again, so maybe the synergy question is difficult with the Walnut. Last night with a certain pair of earbuds i was finding i preferred the unamped Xduoo x3 to being amped with the Walnut. But when i changed headphones it was the opposite...
  2. ORV615
    У меня есть гайку и V2 и долива Nx1 так что я могу сравнить их. если он используется в качестве бустера для меня как nx1 больше, но если взять гайку в качестве игрока и NX1 соединение с телефоном или плеером (для меня это xduoo x2) даже не знаю. Я думаю, что чемпионат будет в гайке. Кроме того, я поставил его на выходные конденсаторы Jamicon 100uf 63V, и это звучит очень круто. Быстрый ясный и глубокий бас. Я рекомендую
    , IMG_20170118_110412.jpg
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  3. vapman

    Is the cap really a 63v? Wow

  4. ORV615
    Я сначала поставил jamion 470uF 16v получил слишком теплый и глубокий звук. Теперь я ставлю 100uf 63V и что есть баланс в звуке.
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  5. nick n

    Ahh  ok thanks for making it more clear about the values/
     Yes I generally dislike technical  arguments , since everything in this hobby is a personal preference.
    Nobody can say what you will like in the end but yourself
  6. endia

    exactly :)
  7. vapman
    I will have to try this 470u at least once.

    PS siggy 5532 are in da haus...

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  8. ORV615
    [color=rgb(33, 33, 33)] Если поставить 470uF затем слушать в наушниках или edifiere H180 Edimun[/color]
  9. Dark Helmet
    Are these the variants you were talking about?
  10. vapman
    Still waiting on a couple Raytheon and Philips 5532's but if you prefer the NE5532 sound to the OPA, AD etc sound, this is a nice one so far. I will need to put a TI 5532 back in my other Walnut and do some A/B to say it's actually better than the TI one to my ears. I have been using a JRC opamp for a while so I might need to get re-used to the 5532 sound.
  11. vapman
    Could i bother you to put your messages in google translate before posting so we don't have to? [​IMG] it is an english language board but you have been posting good stuff so I hope you stick around. 
  12. Dark Helmet
    I haven't done op amp rolling.  I like the one in there right now, but would like the low mid to be a bit more prominent as well as the increased attack.  Everything else is great.
  13. Dark Helmet
    Have you tried the LME49720?  I just read on a diy forum that these are really good.  By the way the sound signature of the Walnut is very similar to my Centrance Minim8.
  14. vapman
    I have not tried LME although a few people have been trying to get me to try it. I'm not sure if they would provide superior sub bass to the ne5532.
  15. Dark Helmet
    Sub bass is great but, low mid and speed is the only lacking things on the Walnut to my ears.  All in all though it's a great player for the money no doubt.
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