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WA5 LE or WA22? What a tough call

Discussion in 'Headphone Amps (full-size)' started by brucysn, Apr 4, 2011.
  1. BrucYSN
    Well I've seen some comparison thread on these two great amp. I was almost ordered the WA22 however since i got a slight hope
    that Jack "may" could do the parts upgrade for the WA22. However, on a second thought, if I could do the upgrade on the wa22 the
    price would be very close to the WA5LE stock. I just wonder how are they different from each other. There are some people said that
    the WA5 is a lot thinner than the WA22 which scares me. I have ordered both the HD800( getting there, to be more accurate ) and the LCD-2 I wonder which amp would do the best with these two( and W5000 from audio technica ) that would bring out their full potential.
    I mostly listen to Rock and some classics. I love the spark and airy from the female vocal and energy from the male vocal and guitar in rock. For classic, I like the weight from the cello , liquid and fluent piano solo, and the violin with some sparks. I don't listen to hip hop or jazz at all and not a bass head. I would say I prefer the a more involving and musical presentation with full body but not too warm. I know this is a lot to ask but really wanna get my head straight since my DAC and cans are arriving.

    The band I listen to the most are: Judas priest, Guns and Rose, AC/DC , Iron Maiden, Queen, Pink Floyed, U2, Nightwish, Within temptation etc
    and some soft rock like Sting.

    Any suggestion would be appreciated .

    OH, Almost forget, I'm using the Wyred4sound DAC-2 which has both balanced and SE output.

    Best Bruce

  2. BrucYSN
  3. BrucYSN
  4. jc9394
    If money and space is not an issues, I will go for the WA5LE.  But be aware, the WA5 will cost you a lot more in the long run.  The 300B tubes are not cheap at all, anywhere from $500 to thousands...
    Did you see this???  I will pick it up if I have the money to burn, the tubes are not the best choice but will work until you score some EML or EAT...
    If you are going to balance your headphones, take a look at Leben.
  5. BrucYSN
    Ye i've seen that, I only use it for headphone so full load WA5 is not really a good deal. I understand that the tube is a lot of cost and the size of the WA5-LE is kinda problem, no need to ask that it would be a problem when I wanna sell the WA5-le. Although I still wonder how much would WA5 outperform the wa22. So, are you happy with the WA22 especially paring with WA22? The HD800 seems have no problem with wa22 I've seen a very favorable review on 6moon about them. So if there're not much difference I think the WA5-LE is out of picture lol.

    Although I'm trying to score a Leben if possible, but my lcd-2 is shipped already. So I got to hurry lol
  6. jc9394
    I do love the WA22 with all the headphones I have and it have no issues driving them. I may have to play around different tubes but I'm very happy with my WA22.

    The reason I'm interest in the WA5 and Leben is that I will pick up a pair of Confidence C1 in the future and drive it with a 300B amp.
  7. BrucYSN
    I mean pairing LCD-2 with WA22 lol, typo
  8. jc9394
    IMHO, I do think they pair very well but tubes selection is kind of tricky. So far, I have not found a killer combo but do really like TS5998, Brimar CV1988, and metal base GZ34.

  9. fatcat28037 Contributor
    Is having a balanced amp an issue?
  10. BrucYSN

    Just wanna get the most out of same price. Although that's what i've been worried, the unstopping tube rolling..... u know it never ends.... Always being curious about a better combo...lol

    Not really I have a balanced DAC and HD800 suppose sounds better than sing ended. Although it would be annoying if I have to swap tubes every time upon changing between HD800 and LCD-2.....

    So do you have this issue? JC?
  11. sphinxvc
    Heard both side by side at a recent meet and I would go with the WA22.  I'm not sure how much burn-in either amp had (so take this w/ a grain of salt) but the margin of difference was so insignificant it wasn't worth the extra cost.  Even if the difference in cost would be just a $100, I'd still go with the WA22.  I like the HD800s out of the WA22, a lot.  LCD 2s played nice with it as well.  I believe the WA22 model was all stock save upgraded rectifier.
  12. BrucYSN
    ye i have wa22 right now but borrowed and not much tubes are offered for rolling. and I'm pretty sure the WA5-LE is out of picture, it's waaaaayyy to big..... would be a problem to resell it. WA22 could be mod-ed only if you can find the parts... jack would charge 200 for installation. I'm still not sure if he is willing to do it for me though... I was just being curious .... still swapping the tube would be a big problem.... and I wonder how those phones sound in SE... I don't have the extra cable with me so I can't tell. But WA22 seems sounds "terrible" in se , by terrible i mean inferior than the WA6SE lol, Although that is more referring to the whole set up between source and amp. I don't know if the headphone cable matters, it's just a endless debate. So I'm not sure if's fair to use the se on WA22 as reference for all SE designed amp for those cans that run better on Balanced mode.

    Well, forgive me for lacking logic, it's late.
  13. brasewel
    Sphinxvc the one at the meet was the WA5 not WA5LE. Anyway considering that the WA5 is supposedly a better version I would definitely go for the WA22. The differences were minimal at best and to me does not warrant a 60% increase in price. Infact, I thought the WA22 had a lusher sound and wider soundstage. Bear in mind we were listening to stock tubes so the WA5LE or WA5 may have greater potential. Both amps are stellar but the WA22 would get my nod.
  14. sphinxvc

    Wow.  Really?  I thought SE (single ended) was stellar on the WA22 compared to the WA6SE.  More details, overall closer to "there" etc.  Also, LCD2s were nice w/ WA22 but had noticeably better synergy with RWA (balanced, I think) Isabellina.
  15. jc9394
    Unless he is feeding SE input to WA22, the WA22 really needs to use balanced input to take full advantage.

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