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W5000 burning in questions.

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by xymordos, Jun 29, 2011.
  1. Xymordos
    Well I just got my W5000 for a few weeks now. When I'm listening to it, wow the jpop and voices sound amazing. Then comes the background music, it gets covered by the singing. In fact, it gets covered so much that some parts of the music is inaudible by the W5000s, but very audible on my much cheaper China made customs (with a sound stage larger than the w5000 imo). 
    My question is: Would this situation get better?

    I hate to sound as a broken record but what you are experience now is you can see the trees in the forest intead of just the forest.
    Hi-end gear will provide much more details in the recording ( bad or good) than lower end gear. You will see more artifacts, more imperfection from a bad recording via Hi-end gear. GIGO.
  3. Xymordos
    I'm not sure what you're trying to say here. I meant, I used to be able to hear the details with my cheap Customs, then when I upgraded to the W5000s, I couldn't hear it anymore. Is this a burning in issue?


    The w5000 reproduces the recording faithfully as the el-cheapo ones do not.
    When I listen to an el-cheapo stereo, all kind of details are boosted up and became one dimension mass. The same recording in a big rig sounds diiferently with sound-stage and layers of music as the way the recording intended. Hope that helps.
  5. Xymordos
    Ah thanks I see what you're trying to say there. :)
    IMO the Custom have a larger soundstage and more layered sound than the W5000 for some reason. The W5000 sounds pretty congested in the midrange unfortunately...(and also that I tested out many amps to pick one out that suited my customs, and the same amp is used for the W5000 when they have polar opposite sound signatures :\ )
    I'll try burning in more and find a better amp :p
  6. Amarphael
    The W5000 is one of the most detailed phones in production, But very dependent on a good synergy with upstream compomnents. With the Zhalou D2.5+Corda Aria it was all upper mids and treble, pretty much unlistenable, With the y1+WA6 it was much better, and the Stello DA100/HP1000 combo was better still, but too mellow to my taste.
    and another note, If the quality of the source material permits, And It took me too long to figure that part, the W5000 really sounds best at low to moderate levels of volume. Even with the best of gear (i.e HA5000 amp) the brilliance of the upper mids can still be rough on the ears when crancking up the SPL, thus masking other freq's tones, but at the proper level it all shows up beutifully without any strain.
  7. Xymordos
    What I'm trying to solve is the vocals covering the background music. But I'll burn in a bit more first. It's only been slightly more than 50 hours I think.
  8. nanaholic


    I think you just described the Audio Technica house sound - most of the high end Audio Technica are known for their (some may even say quirky) strong emphasis on the treble end and vocals.  Burn in might help a little but I really doubt the general sound signature is going to change much.  Try some EQing first and bump down the mid-high frequency range and see how that helps first.  Otherwise hate to say it but you may have chosen the wrong can/brand for the sound signature you want.  
    EDIT:  This link might give you an idea why you have a vocal bump.
  9. Xymordos
    Ahh thank you, but no I never liked using EQ, and prefer the headphones' original sound :)
    But its all good coz I listen to many types of music, and I can swap between my phones for different kinds!
  10. ACDOAN


    You are the man. I use certain HPs for vocals, certain HPs for acoustic guitar, certain HPs for Classic Rock.....I like variety of colour sound signature. Have you tried
    the W5000 with Diana Krall, Cassandra Wilson, Nina Simon.....?
  11. Xymordos
    Oh...I listen to Jpop xD...and Taylor Swift, Lady Gaga
  12. Butler
    Just like most of AT's full size cans (most notable exception thats in current circulation is the W1000X) , these headphones cater to their mid and high hungry Japanese audience. They can't get enough of the sound signature. It's nuts.

    They're great for acoustic instruments, classical, and female vocals.

    The problem is, it's almost harsh at times. Even listening at normal volumes can cause your ears to feel like it was too loud... and while this becomes less hot and aggressive with burn in it may still be too much.

    But have no fear, I really really really suggest you try the old F5005 modification. It's 100% reversible and does an amazing job at chilling out those painful highs and mids. It also fills out the bass a bit too, it's wonderful. The only thing you lose is a bit of imaging and sound stage... but honest it's worth it. The link is in my signature.
  13. Xymordos
    Thanks, its a lot better now. They don't feel harsh anymore and the vocals are clear and simply amazing. On my m-Stage the sound is actually quite laid back...so laid back that I keep falling asleep with them on. Especially since the vocals of Jpop sounds like the girl is whispering in your ears lightly...lullaby.
  14. Butler
    The phatpad mod, which I did with a crotched circle really improves the fit too. You should look into it. It helps keep the pads circumaural and not matted against your ear.
  15. Xymordos
    But pressing the drivers closer produces a better sound :\
    On the other hand, it does hurt my ears after a while since the pads press against my ears.

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