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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. purpledrank
    A lot of people hate Tyler which I don't really get but here is a rap where he disses all of his fans.

  2. linglingjr
    Just got into this album:
    "And i'll never again be as happy as I was when I was in 7th grade
    Before the guilt of having no goals ate my life away."  
    I love everything I've heard from this guy so far.
  3. KamijoIsMyHero
    What is the artist's name
  4. linglingjr
    Oliver Hart/Eyedea  OP introduced him to me in this thread lol.
  5. KamijoIsMyHero
    man, I googled Oliver Hart first and got an economist -.-
  6. MrViolin
    [​IMG] named himself after the economist
    Where's the troll been? [​IMG]
     if only Sony didn't constantly discontinue their products. I didn't even know that their computer sector was purged (or at least remained exclusive to Japan) earlier this year, until a few weeks ago. Sony where did you go?!
  7. sfwalcer
    Goin' back in tyme Spamdasama goin' back into dat gritty 'ish......
    ... same could be said about Sony??? Goin' back to their "glory" dayz??? :  )
  8. linglingjr
    No.  God no.  They're throwing money at VR tech because we all know that's what console gamers want with their PS4 hardware that can barely muster enough juice to do 1080p on ONE display!  You know how terribly awful VR is at 60hz and 1080p?
  9. MrViolin
    Seoul looked exactly like that when I visited... if that is Seoul [​IMG]Can't say it was a very joyful atmosphere 
    Yes, the good old days [​IMG]
  10. sfwalcer

    Yeppp most Asian countries are still pretty gritty grimy tbh. Still in the "developing" phase. So that makes sense even modern cities like Hong Kong is gritty as frack irl.
    Anywho, not the best samples/examples by a longggg shot but not too bad of a compilation. :  )

    Who's better??? DISCUSS. [​IMG]
    Ya'll already know where my popcorn drops. :wink:
  11. sfwalcer

  12. KamijoIsMyHero
    makes me wonder who influenced them
    anyway, learned that my NehruvianDOOM album has been shipped then got the message in the same day that Nas is gonna Executive Produce Nehru's debut album 0.0 OMG
  13. sfwalcer
    Welp why of course Kpop durrr!!! What kinda' stupid question/statement is that. It RULEZ DA' WORLD. [​IMG]
    Mind linking to that stuff you are spazzin' about??? Still dusty though. Wonder if there is gonna be trap beats in the production. :  )
  14. sfwalcer
    LMAO the hipsters at pitchfork gave the album only 5.6. [​IMG]
    While they gave.... 9.5 to:
    What a bunch of hipster bandwagon hoppers smh. [​IMG]  "Professional" reviews. HA!
  15. KamijoIsMyHero
    the yeezy reviewer is a reviewer of pop music though so it makes sense for him to be blown away by it.
    Checking out the reviewer of the NehruvianDOOM album, it is quite apparent he his confused by his own rating system. The actual review itself might be more telling of his thoughts on it but his rating system doesn't mean much. Most of the regular hip-hop that I am familiar with is rated anywhere between 6-8 out of 10. The only 10/10 I came across is DIlla's Donuts but it looks looks to be more of a dickride rather than a proper objective rating. Dilla beats can be dope but it isn't some miraculous holy water that offer eternal blessing to your system.
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