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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. mutabor

  2. KamijoIsMyHero
  3. linglingjr


  4. linglingjr

    Sounds less unintelligent and obnoxious than the original:
    You're welcome.
  5. iambasedgod
    Mattybraps confirmed best rapper alive 
  6. shiorisekine Contributor
    This mattybraps guy looks like my cousin about 10 years ago. The Eminem cover is one of the greatest thing I have ever heard before.

    Well I wanted to share a classic:

    Sound quality might suck

  7. KamijoIsMyHero
    quite excited for this album tbh

  8. linglingjr
    Lots of cool schiit happening soon.  We've got Angry Young Man finally coming out on September 3rd and then NATO summit on the 4th!  
    Super sarcastic beat and title is pure win.  Dem lyrics, love how it sounds like some stereotypical party song "last night really hit me hard" when he literally physically got hit hard.  Not sure if this is based off of his child hood but from past albums it sure could be:
    September 3rd:
  9. sfwalcer
    LMAO since you mofos are trollin' here with dat MattyBraps schiit.......
    ... if you can't beat dem, join them. [​IMG]
    I had honestly expected mo' meat tbh, but since it was free i ain't complaining. :wink:
    Da Fff is wrong with ya', dat schiit it Korean ain't no Pho, cuz if you crave Pho you want Pho, if i want ramen i eat ramen. Besides it's ALL about the experience of doing the challenge..... finishing it is another story though....... cuz one of the doods already knew ahead of tyme he couldn't finish but just did it for the funzies meng. [​IMG] 
  10. linglingjr
    That new Logic track was very meh for me.  I got through like half of it and then exited the tab when it was released.  lol.
  11. Change is Good

  12. thug behram
    You guys **** with roc marciano?
  13. thug behram
    I'm looking for a headphone under $1000 very similar to the LCD-2 (esp the bass) but with more treble and bigger soundstage. Only for Rap/Hip-Hop. Any idea? Does anything even touch the LCD-2 in terms of sub-bass. I have the HE-400 and HE-400i right now too. 
  14. KamijoIsMyHero
    what's there not to like?
    Either go  with an ortho for the bass or elsewhere for soundstage. Having the HE-400s, you already have something excellent for rap/hip-hop
  15. linglingjr
    The New lcd-2s with fazors improve treble a bit. Sound stage is still pretty mediocre, doesn't really matter with hip hop imo though.

    Lcd x or lcd 3 sound like what you're describing (except for price).
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