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W/Rap Sucks 2.0..............................Rap/HipHop Appreciation Thread.

Discussion in 'Music' started by sfwalcer, Jan 21, 2013.
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  1. Change is Good
  2. KamijoIsMyHero
    those were horrible, V-shaped forever with that headphone
  3. Music Alchemist
    Hey guys! I shared a ton of free legal downloads by my favorite rapper Mega Ran here.
  4. Change is Good

    Isn't that what the HE400 you recommemded is? LoL

    He asked for more treble and a bigger soundstage, so that's why I asked if the TH900 might suit his desire.
  5. KamijoIsMyHero
    I never felt the he-400 to be overly v-shaped, the big difference is that the mids didn't suck in the 400s compared to th900.
  6. thug behram
    Th900 is over budget plus I already have D2000 which is supposed to be similar.

    IMO the only headphone with better bass than the he-400 is the lcd-2. But if I'm going backwards in terms of soundstage and treble it isn't worth it.

    The he-400i unfortunately doesn't match up with the original's monster bass.
  7. sfwalcer
    Can't help ya' TOTL mofos out cuz the most expensive set of cans i have owned is the Philips X1s, but those new X2 might be your ticket for only $300 something.
    Oh the new Philips L2 is all the rage right now and can be had from amazon Jpn for only like $250 so......
    But if you are gonna go for dem LCDs........
    [​IMG].... you better get training boi!!! :wink:
    Back to the tunes....
    .... ill with it!!! Beat so catchy as well.
  8. linglingjr
    lol weight of the LCD-2s isn't a problem.  They aren't comfortable due to the stupid headband bumps just like the K701.  
  9. Change is Good
    I've been waiting for an X2, though I think I'll wait until some months after release to catch those price drops... [​IMG]
    Still on topic...

  10. thug behram
    I had the X1 for a good while. In the end, they were just too slow and warm.
  11. sfwalcer

    Similar experience but it was their recessed mid-range and lack of bass depth/texture that i got rid of them. They have decent bass quality and great quantity but it just sounded boxy to me. Their treble is nothing really to write home about as well so.....
  12. Change is Good
    I'll give it to Philips for making such a unique headphone, though. I have yet to hear or even read about another open headphone with such a massive soundstage to have that kind of bass tilt. I can only hope the X2 comes out more refined :)
  13. thug behram

    He-400 has a bigger soundstage and slightly less bass but more subbass. Lcd-2 similar bass to he-400, but soundstage same size as x1.
  14. sfwalcer

    yeah they are killa' for $150 which was the lowest that they ever went, but still those thangs makes or breaks an audio gear for me. And their soundstage was pretty meh to me as well, was not that impressed with their scale tbh. The ATH AD900X were much much better in staging and imaging, and grander in scale so.....
    Those X1 were decent but hope the X2 is more impressive.
    The L2s seems to have much more potential though if you ask me.
  15. Change is Good

    HE400 has a wider soundstage than the X1? I've never heard any HE Hifimans, but all I've read about them is that their soundstage is average at best. The X1 has a large soundstage and it is one of its best traits, to me, actually. But then again its sound quality was meg, so maybe that's why..
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