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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. WCDchee

    By this do you mean the t1? Or the new dac/amp? :)
  2. shigzeo Contributor
    The new DAC/amp is just as good an amp as the T1 (from my short exerpience) and better built. I'm impressed. I was impressed back in the day, too. And still am. I have a review of the T1 up at ohm image in which I mention the PURE (one or two). II is better than I in every regard. 
  3. WCDchee

    Yes the 2 is definitely better. I think tonally they are extremely similar, and if you like one you will definitely like the other. The level of refinement is simply astounding. But i think for me the pure 2 really clinches the deal due to the significantly larger stereo image that it throws, extremely evident in classical music which i love. Its just that much more open, airy, and with better imaging and separation. On top of that i'm not quite sure if you noticed it but it actually seems more powerful than the pure 1. According to moon audio's webstore the duo/pure has only 2.7v swing while the pure 2 has a 9v swing, quite a stark difference which probably accounts for the difference in battery life. And while its not powerful enough to sound good on the hifimans, i did try them with the hd800s, and while they defintely aren't near their best on the pure 2, i must say that the pure 2 definitely can make them sing!
  4. audiofrk

    Thanks man I'll check it out. Trying to figure out what should be my birthday gift to myself I'll be using the UERMs
  5. Henry Gukas
    How would you compare this to the Fiio E12? Is it worth the upgrade? 
  6. Henry Gukas

    Also, I am wondering if I will be able to drive the HD700 adequately.
  7. WCDchee

    Wow thats a heck of a comparison there. The fiio e12 doesnt even come remotely close as a portable amp. It performs quite a few levels higher in just about every aspect. And yes it would be able to drive the hd700 somewhat adequately, not fantastic but adequate.
  8. l3loodshed
    *cough* hoping to drive nearly anything *cross fingers* hopefully even the abyss
    but as of now I'm just still swimming in the market mainly still an IEM guy but planning to move on to full sized cans someday too maybe the LFF Enigma/TH900 and an open can
  9. audiofrk

    Super interested in this as well, can the pure2 drive the enigma correctly
  10. awry
    I dunno about the Enigma but I own the TH900. With the IEM card, it seldom goes past 5 or 5.5 on the volume control before becoming too loud. Of coz volume doesn't equal to well driven but if it's just power you need far this can, the 901 is fine.  
    My Pure II just arrived yesterday. I'm using it with a AK100 that I picked up new on a closeout for $379 (I already have a RWAK100) just to use with this amp. There are very close in size and stacked, they fit easily in a Pelican 1020 with a layer of foam inside the lid.. I'm very impressed so far. I was listening last night with a pair of Earsonics SM3 and I'm amazed that some recordings that always seemed a little loose or flabby in the bass (even on a AK240) were tightened right up by this amp. Looking forward to getting a few hundred hours on the Pure II to let it settle in.
    Listening at lunch today through Mr. Speakers Alpha Dogs. High gain was too high. Had very little usable range on the volume control. On medium, 9:00 seemed to be a good normal listening volume. I will have to try on the HD800 and LCD2 next.
  13. audiofrk

    If you would be so kind could you tell us what amps you normally use with your alpha dogs, LCD, hd 800
    Usually I use the Schiit Magni or Vali and sometimes the HIFIMAN HM-901 DAP with the balanced amp card. Balanced and unbalanced cables for all three headphones.
  15. zeppu08

    How was the hungry alpha dogs with the vorzuge? Did it gives the alpha enough power to bring the alpha's a shine?
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