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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. kurochin
    Audiophile weight loss programs. Value added - in reverse!!
  2. bluewrx1025
    I use it with my RWAK100S. A little bulky but not to bad for portable carry.
  3. ChrisSC

  4. awry
    Hahahahaha! True. All about balance isn't it?
  5. hotfever
    Does pure ii totally outclass hibino r10 internal amp which i think is already very good for iem???
  6. SilverEars
    I think it's preference.  The R10's internal amp is warmer and it sounded more musical or euphoric?  The Vorzuge is slightly brighter(this could be favorable depending on the source's output) and tones down the warm signature, and creates a cleaner sound.  Vorzuge is a great amp for portable use, but I got rid of it since I use a desktop amp that has wider stage presentation.
    I thought the Vorzuge was transparent do to it's bright nature.  I amped clip+ headphone out, and didn't lose anything in the process which is quite good as amps can clean off the sound.  If felt like I can amp headphone out instead of line-out and it would still pass the information intact.
    hotfever likes this.
  7. Greeni
    So from the various sources I read the Pure II has great separation of instrument, silence, clean and somewhat mid centric sound, but I don't get a clear picture of its tonality and timbre. Anyone like to comment on that?
  8. WCDchee
    You got it right there. The separation and staging is extremely impressive, about the best i habe heard in a portable to date. The sound is extremely clean, precise, very very refined. It is mostly very neutral with a slight mid centric tone as you have pointed out, and while being clean and detailed retains a good sense of musicality.

    However, the pure 2 can have a tendency to be slightly thin depending on the pairing. For example, when used with my dita answer and the dita truth interconnect, it has a tendency to be thin, though the airiness and staging is phenomenal. With a solid copper IC however, the sound becomes much thicker and full bodied. With the truth IC it is amazing for classical, yet it falls short on vocals. A copper IC helps improve its vocal performance. However i have yet to find a good IC for use on vocal tracks.

    If you have tried an amp like the kojo, IMO i havent heard a portable with a better tone. The tone of the kojo is simply phenomenal. With the only flaw being the soundstaging. The pure 2 has a great tone but nowhere near the kojo's, however, when jt coms to separation, staging and placement, it is definitely ahead of the pack.

    Hope it helps!
  9. Greeni
    Thanks for the reply.
    I guess nowadays it is not difficult to find good audio with separation and staging, but some of those that I heard one sacrifice tonal colors and body to achieve that. I just want to make sure the Pure II is not one of them.
    I gather that you are referring to the KOJO KM01-BRASS headphone amp, will check out that one too.
  10. WCDchee

    Well i wouldn't say that! The pure 2 had such a great level of staging imaging and separation that tbh most other top portable amps don't even come close imo. And yes they do retain a solid and still rather musical tone and timbre. To me, because i love classical music, separation, staging and placement are of utmost importance, and the pure 2 really leaves most competitors in the dust in that aspect. :) perhaps you can let us know which other amps you have heard that you mentioned above? :) and we can try to see if we can give some comparisons!
  11. Greeni
    That's very helpful, although I guess it is pretty much more of personal opinion. I quote examples as follows:
    1. Headphone I heard that I consider to be stripped of tonal colors : K701, Pro 900
    2. Headphone I heard that I consider to have reasonably good tonal colors : RS2i, Beyerdynamic DT150, DT250
    3. Headphone amps I heard that I consider to be stripped of tonal colors : Musical Fidelity, Asgard, O2
    4. Headphone amps I heard that I consider to have reasonably good tonal colors : KICAS Caliente, RSA Mustang, and a number of tube amps in general
  12. audiofrk
    how long does the pure 2 take to burn in?
  13. audiofrk
    never mind searched the thread
  14. fiascogarcia
    Sorry, didn't mean to ignore your question.  As I recall, it took me about 50 to 75 hours to feel the lower levels of bass, and everything kind of came together and sounded really coherent after 100 or so.  I'm positive it was brain burn in, still it took a little while to really appreciate the sq of this great little amp.  IMO
  15. audiofrk

    its cool I should have searched first.  I was like "well F@#$% you all too, I'll just search" and then I was like <sight> "i forgot to search"
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