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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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    So far. I need to listen to this amp a lot more, but it seems strong and well controlled. I really expected the alpha dog to be a problem, but it's not.
  2. fiascogarcia
    I have some HD600's, and granted, even at 300ohm they're relatively easy to drive.  But I can power  them no problem at low gain!
  3. zeppu08
    Thanks guys! Thats good to hear.. Was thinking getting this vs the Duet. Anyone tried both? All im worried about the power but im also after the black noise floor for my ciems..
  4. Cotnijoe
    The pure ii has lower noise floor and to me an overall more exciting sound. The duet however has more power than the pure ii.

    Also, the duet to me was a little too polite sounding although it was very clean sounding.
  5. WCDchee

    If you look at the earlier posts, i did give some comparisons based on what i heard. I think there are a couple by one or two others too!
  6. zeppu08

    Will try to back read. Thanks!

    What do you mean of polite? Does thi mean the pure II is aggresive? Need something that can power up the alpha dogs..
  7. Cotnijoe
    The Pure II is by no means aggressive. Just duet is just a very neutral and clean sounding amp, and to me a little too much so that it takes away the excitement of the sound a bit compared to the Pure II. The duet is quite an experience in itself though. Very top notch portable amp, as is the Pure II.
    I have no doubt that the duet can drive the alpha dogs, how well i dont know. I would do more research on the pure II on whether it can or not. I dont really know just how much juice it can dish out for more power hungry headphones. I find that it struggles a little with my beyer T90 for example while the duet didnt as much so.
    zeppu08 likes this.
  8. Moonhead

    Did you get to listen to pure with HD800, I'm really considering those if this amp has enough volts to drive HD800.
    If not I might get a pure and HD650 :)
  9. WCDchee

    Haha why dont you try it out! It definitely sounded good when i tried it. But its definitely not driven to anywhere near its best. It does a pretty decent job though!
  10. Moonhead
    I might just do that, mate :wink:
  11. Gregosaur
    Has anyone been able to compare it to the Apex Glacier in terms of soundstage and tonal qualities?
    I haven't listened to the HD800 in a while - too much new stuff. So this morning, I tried with the Pure II on high gain (volume at 9:00).  I had forgotten how good the HD800 really is. I don't hear any obvious faults. I'm surprised at how good the sub-bass is with this combo. Vocals and acoustic instruments have very good timbre, sounding very realistic. 
  13. donkeanu
    i love this amp!
    paired it with my ak100mk2 & inear SD2...
  14. Shmuel
    Anyone compare to the new Sony pha -3's or other hi end amp/dac combinations?
    Any idea how this unit would run the alpha dog Primes?
  15. Lad27
    Duo, not Pure, but still...
    Best $350 spent on my gear. Audio nirvana to my ears.
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