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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. baritone
    hi every one
    had anyone taken  a picture of the print of the pure ii from the side oposite to the discrete components ?
    i am just curious where are the active compnents that make this amp to sound so good
    being now an owner of an ak100 mk2 it seems to me the ovious decision to get the pure 2 to pair it with my ak
    thank you all
  2. blownaway
    I've got these pictures. Although it's not what you asked for my Pure II with RWAK-120S sure looks nice. Slips into my back pocket :D
  3. cn11
    Getting my first chance to really do some attentive listening to the Pure II tonight, after mine has been on loan while I was out of the country for a work trip. I received it as one of the exchange items for the Ref.1 I sent back, and was going to sell it but now think I'll withdraw the FS listing as it just sounds so damn good. Also, there's another one FS locally here in my town and I think we're *ahem* price competing... I will let that one move while I think about which amp to sell.
  4. Cotnijoe
    nice [​IMG]
  5. baritone
    I just ordered today the vorzamp pure II direct fron vorzugue gemany
    in one week mabe it will be in my hands   [​IMG] .
  6. Cotnijoe
    Congratz haha. Ur gunna have a great time!
    You will not be disappointed. 
  8. fiascogarcia
    Been getting closer and closer to selling my SR71-A, which I swore I could never do even with all the new amps on the market.  But I just keep using the Pure II.  Maybe I'm missing something without a balanced setup, but I'm not really caring right now!
  9. cn11
    I continue to be surprised at how much gain in spaciousness over the DX90 the Pure II brings. Makes it difficult to listen to the DX90 by itself anymore. I just am amazed at how immersive the listening experience is with such a small rig as this combination with the Parterre. Another thing the Pure II does is help to fill in the midrange, which is a touch dry and uninspiring on the Parterre when running it straight out of a DAP (that's about the only criticism I have of this phone btw). With this amp the sound is just so connected across the board, and 3D.
  10. qsk78
    Looking at Pure II. Currently have a combo with JDS Labs C5. Actually sounds very well, neutrally and detailed. 

    Do you know if there is any sense to try Pure II instead? Does anybody own both amps?  
    Will I get a wider soundstage? Thanks!

  11. baritone
    my pure had arrive 
    some words to descrive the sound :immersive and pure
    here some internal pictures of the amp ,as you can see the component desnsity is very high in both side of the print
    palermo likes this.
  12. blownaway
    Thanks for posting your pictures. I've always wondered what is inside my Pure II.  Really great sounding amp IMHO.  Congrats & enjoy!
  13. TheDane
    I have ordered the Pure II also, and is now waiting impatiently for it.

    I have been mailing with Vorzuge, and it is possible to get the Pure II with a dimmed power-led, so i (hopefully) can use it in my bedroom without disturbing my wife :)

    I will be using it with a Resonessance Labs Herus Dac, Shure SE486 iems and an iPhone 6 with Lightning CCK and Flac-files.
  14. coachhouse

    I use my Duo's light to find the key hole @ work in the morning !  
  15. Lad27
    Thanks for photos.
    I didn't open mine yet, but from your photos it seems that it would be easy to dim the LED. All it needs to be done is replace a resistor with double or triple the resistance. 
    I'll do some experimenting with a pot first to set some reasonable light intensity, but first I have to identify the right resistor. One end of it must be connected to either of the leads of LED. 
    Does anyone here by any chance have a schematic diagram? That would make it a bit easier.
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