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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    I have not paired it with the HP-A4 or ZX1. It works amazingly with Dita Audio the Truth, Kaede, Donguri, and Heaven 6, no worry. Amazing.
  2. shsh
    wow. your really tempting me ><
  3. shsh
    I just ordered :)
  4. zachchen1996
  5. bluewrx1025
  6. zachchen1996
    Thanks! [​IMG] 
  7. ph58
    Hi ,have anyone try the combo AK100 MKII + Pure II ?  Thanks
  8. zachchen1996
  9. zeppu08

    If only i have the budget ill be grabbing this dude.. :frowning2:
  10. chkt1981
  11. shigzeo Contributor
    The Chroma 2 is pretty awesome: light, comfortable, good resolution. I can't comment more on that because of the noise of the place and I had only 10 minutes or so with it. But it was brilliant with the PURE II (fed by an iPod 5G)
  12. kurochin
    Beautiful bit of kit, this amp.
    Haven't tried one, nor have I even seen one in person yet, but if the build quality comes anywhere close to that of it's predecessor, then it's definitely worth the dough. Also love the Marlboro-McLaren-Honda (or Lucky Strike Suzuki if you're a bike fan) livery/colours. Shame about the battery life taking such a hit though.
  13. shsh
    Still burning in Pure 2. Bass is still abit bloated. Hopefully it will be good after the burn in.
    Soundstage and resolution is alot better.
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