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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. Dave74

    Here is some pics of the Power and the Slim next to the. Pure ii
  2. LFC_SL
    As a Pico Power owner would like to here your thoughts once you have more listening time in the Pure II

    then again cypher labs also just announced new amp. Too much choice
  3. Dave74
    I know.. Too many choices.  I am going to have to quit spending before I go broke lol.
    I think once you get to this level of portable amps there isn't a HUGE improvement for the price difference.  The Pico Power is an awesome amp, it is bigger and heavier, but the batteries last a lot longer then the Pure II.  I am using the HI Tech Lithium Ion and I could probably get close to 40 hours... I haven't tried to see how long they will last though as I have two sets and recharge more often than needed as it is better with LI ION.
    I'll definitely have to give it a proper break-in and brain break-in before more comparisons.
  4. LFC_SL
    That meant to read "hear".

    PP batt life indeed awesome. Nice to forget shout it's then again would never listen 10-hours straight or be away from power source for more than a day.

    PP size / weight does not bother me. Maybe like my running shoes refresh shedding 100g. On paper seemed marketing spiel. In practice very tangible, light like slippers :p

    Real desire is to demo balanced cable on my iem. Sadly even when UK getting better for hardware demo, balanced may have to be a blind purchase or just remain unexplored!
  5. zeppu08

    Thanks for the impressions and photo. Are you referring to the amp that heat's up when stacked? I mean the pure II or its general and preference?
  6. Dave74
    Your welcome[​IMG]
    Both the Pure II and the DX90 produce heat when being used, so I think keeping them apart will help dissipate the heat a little more and maybe make them last longer.  Thats not to say that I wouldn't band them together for portable use... I just lay them side by side when at home.
  7. SilverEars
    DX90 has laid back bass from the LO with p2.  Dis is good because I hear bass boost with DX90 HPO.  p2 is so freaking clean.  It freakin tightens anything you feed it, but at the same time, it's so transparent(or should I say it doesn't smooths out the details like lower quality amps do).  I much prefer it with X5 LO.  X5 LO is the shizzle.
  8. Dave74
    I agree, the Pure ii is a very transparent amp with very well controlled bass, and I am very happy with it after 1 day of ownership:)  I also find the Power and Slim to add a lot to the transparency and soundstage through the LO of the DX90 and X5, but I do think they have a little more bottom end then the Pure ii does.
  9. zeppu08
    Does the SQ of the dx90 change or enhance? I mean how was the staging, detailing and all affected with the pureII? Really thinking about this vs the Duet and now the upcoming picollo.
  10. SilverEars
    This is a ridiculous amp.  You can amp any headphone out, and it will sound detailed like a mofo.  Double amping? No problem, you are using a Vorzuge.  [​IMG]  I'm thinking I get quality sound from using my smartphone to the Pure 2.  This is a damn good investment, and forget about the top DAPs.  Just get this an match it up with what you have and it still sounds fantastic.  Now I know the value of a good amp, it's huge chunk of the source quality.
  11. zachchen1996

    What did I tell you? [​IMG]
    Enjoy your Pure II ! [​IMG]
  12. chkt1981
    I like female vocal, can it match well with jvc ha-dx2000 or t5p?
  13. foshow
    Hi, how would you guys compare this with the Alo International+ on the amp section only in terms of SQ and driving 300Ω full cans and may be an in-ear like se846?
  14. whoever
    ah, that are good pics, thanks for that! ok i'm a bit reassured about the size…..would be a good pair with a Sony zx1 or (let's be bold!) with a Ihifi770….
  15. SilverEars
    3 gain setting, I use my CIEMs with lowest gain and you can you the med gain if the dac is not outputing that high voltage.  for 300ohm full can high gain should be sufficient.  The gain switch is quite useful.
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