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Vorzüge VorzAMP PURE II - review and impressions

Discussion in 'Portable Headphone Amps' started by shigzeo, Jan 6, 2014.
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  1. shigzeo Contributor
    Shsh: prior to the PURE II what were you listening to: what source and what amp and what earphone/headfone?
  2. shsh
    ZX1/HP-A4 > Pure II > Donguri , Dita The Truth , Kaede , Heaven 6
    I'm enjoying HP-A4 > Pure II > Donguri right now.
    The bass is overpowering for my Dita The Truth.
    Have to wait for my Geek Pulse and Geek out. I find ZX1 and HP-A4 bright, ZX1 is also brighter than HP-A4. Most of my earphones are bright too. The highs will make my ear bleed.
  3. shigzeo Contributor
    The PURE II is a very flat response amp. It could be that previous equipment didn't provide linear bass; it's possible that it provided under amplification of bass and that is why you are hearing bass that you didn't hear before.
  4. shsh
    Alright thanks Shigzeo. I will continue to monitor it.
  5. Dave74
    I just ordered Pure ii today.  How is it pairing with your Heaven VI and Dita's.  I don't have the Truth, but I do have the Answer:)  Although I do have different daps, so that could change the outcome as well.  
  6. Duncan Moderator
    Loving the Duo with my IE800s (regardless of volume), but wondering if I'd love the Pure II even more...

    Tsk, should be happy, no - make that very happy with what I have, and step away from this thread lol

    ...That being said, aesthetically, the AK100 goes together with it so much better than the FiiO X5...
  7. Dave74
    Did you get a chance to hear the Pure ii as well?  You might want to check out shigzeo's post no. 235 in the other Vorguze thread... It might help to keep your wallet closed[​IMG].  I am hoping the Pure ii will be a step up from my Pico Power, which I also love, but I am hoping to love the Vorzuge even more lol. 
  8. zeppu08
    Anyone here who tried this to pair with dx90?
  9. chkt1981
    Which mode do you use match with SE846 low gain or med gain?
  10. fiascogarcia
    Use whichever gives you the best volume control. I can use low gain with my 300 ohm HD600's.
  11. zeppu08
    Anyone who tried to pair this with the dx90?
  12. Dave74
    It is a very good pairing with the DX90.  I was surprised by how light and small the Pure ii is.  It is shorter than the DX90, the same width and depth. Mine only has about 1-2 hours use on it now, but here are my thoughts so far with the Dita Answers:
    When I first started listening I was wondering where the bass was; I find the Pico products have more sub bass, so far.  But the sub bass on the Pure ii is there, and it is very well controlled high quality bass. Just not as thunderous as with the Picos, which are very impressive as well.  Actually I would say it is the perfect amount of bass for me depending on my mood. The amp seems very neutral to me, the vocals are not recessed at all. 
    It has a very good open/wide sound stage, nice and airy.
    Instruments also sound true to life.
    Right now I thinking this will be my go to amp for the DX90. 
  13. fiascogarcia
    I second your comments.  I had the same experience.  Coming from an RSA amp, which I still have, I thought the only thing lacking was a little sub bass.  But after hours of brain burn in, I came to realize that the bass is, in fact, there.  It is just very controlled and natural, but not overpowering.
  14. zeppu08

    Thanks for the feedback dave! Great news on that.. By the way, what cans/iems are you using on this impressions of you? And if you wont mind, can you take some photos of it stacked? :)
  15. Dave74
    Here's a couple of stacked pics.  I will usually not stack it when at home though to help with release of heat.
    Phones that I've tried DX90>Pure ii:
    -Dita Answers, which is a very good pairing.  Excellent detail retrieval, soundstage and very good and well controlled bass.
    -FAD Heaven VI which is also a really good pairing, the vocals are amazing with this pairing. Just like listening to a live vocal performance.
    -SE846 with silver litz cable After coming from the Dita's I wasn't as impressed, the bass was decent, but didn't seem as well controlled. The soundstage wasn't as good as the Dita's either.  
    These are just my opinions though and someone else that tries the same combo might feel different depending on their preference.  Don't get me wrong the SE846 still are impressive iems with the Pure ii, I just prefer the DIta's and Heave VI with the Pure ii.
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