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Vision Ears and Rhines Custom Monitors (formerly Compact Monitors)

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  1. Wyville
    Oh yes, certainly. :)
  2. steamboiled
    Received this today. Pretty happy so far. 397AE54A-11A8-4E41-8001-2A515ABD9656.jpeg
  3. mvvRAZ
    Give it some time to burn :)

    What source are you using it with?
  4. steamboiled
    Currently the Topping DX7 Pro
  5. mvvRAZ
    I haven’t tried that, might be pretty good

    The Elysium has crazy scaling, play around with some sources see how you like it :)
    steamboiled likes this.
  6. mvvRAZ
    After the discussions that were had on some of the threads of other companies I feel obligated to mention this here

    I am yet to send an email to @Vision Ears with any issue or question that hasn't been answered within a few hours of the same day. Johannes and the rest of the team have become my absolute reference for consistently top-notch service
    buonassi and Vision Ears like this.
  7. kendosperling
    That's also my opinion. They stand by there word and are super fast in answering any question or inquiry that may arise. They are just fast and reliable.
    buonassi, mvvRAZ and Vision Ears like this.
  8. 8481
    Placed my order for the VE8, I demo’d both the Elysium and VE8 and went for the latter as I felt like I wanted more slam. Elysium was something else though, very unique sounding. Hopefully I can get it by mid-Jan?
    mvvRAZ, chungjun and davidmolliere like this.
  9. mvvRAZ
    Can't go wrong with either, they both hold a legendary status imo
    Deezel177 and 8481 like this.
  10. mvvRAZ
    Elysium No2 has been shipped out today!!!! <3

    On a side note, only @Vision Ears will apologise for the late reply when they take over 10 hours to respond to an email :D :D
    Deezel177 and toranku like this.
  11. zuber
    I am about to receive Elysium demo today :grin:. Can't wait to listen to it :ear:
    mvvRAZ and MrLocoLuciano like this.
  12. Spie1904
    I'm having such difficulties choosing between the Elysium and the VE8.
    I listen to a lot of vocal based music (acoustic singer song writers stuff for example) but I also listen to a lot of Rock & Heavy Metal.
    And to top it all off, classical music (piano, violion, orchestral pieces) and film music :-D
    The only genres I generally don't spend much time on are RnB & Hip-Hop.
    As such for now my preferences seem to go for the Elysium but I've always been used to the coherent multi-ba sound :)
    Going to pair with AK SP1000M.
    Difficult choices :wink:
  13. kendosperling
    Thats why you need more than one iem :wink:
    It was similar for me as i listen to the same genres as you and opted for the VE8. I didn't regret it.
  14. vilhelm44
    I listen to all the same stuff and opted for VE8 and really glad I did as it shines with all of those genres, especially vocals based.
  15. Spie1904
    Can I ask if you also tried the Elysium and what ultimately made you decide to go for the VE8?
    I thought the VE8 had a bit more bass and a warmer tuning whereas the vocals might shine a tad more on the Elysium?

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