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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. OnyX Prime
    What dap do you use again?
  2. toughnut
    Currently using Ref 8 which is hybrid 4x Litz and 4x Copper. I don’t like the sound when pairs with normal Litz, bright and fatiguing especially on balanced. I have cheap pure copper cable arriving soon and will test it out.
  3. OnyX Prime
    Hybrid silver: Tri silver x6 or Cleo 8w I heard it’s good with the low end and add warmth to thin and light bass iem
    Copper: Personally I recommend brise audio yatono (perfect match imo) or asuha (newly introduced, cost/performance choice, very very good according to many in japan)
    Using right now: 1960 4w (what I currently have on hand that’s satisfactory. I am looking forward to getting the yatono 8w to replace the pw 1960 4w. May change it to 2pin for my ciem. Honestly, I do not recommend pw audio cable as they are way over priced in terms of cp. try have 1 or 2 cables that are of good quality but still too much imo
  4. Kitechaser
    So I just ordered the PW 1960 2 wire cable. What are your thoughts on that? And how much does the yatono cable retail for?

    Really interesting, the similarities between the CL2 and the FW10K.
    Both seemingly sound like crap with SPC Cables, and need a decent amount of power to be driven properly.
    Last edited: May 13, 2019
  5. OnyX Prime
    1960 2w(4cores) is good! I would say yatono 4w(4cores) is more solid and tighter, hit harder on bass, no coloration, retains the treble, smooth out the peak a bit but detail and sound stage goes further! I compared the 60 4w and yatono 8w together with 10k for almost an hour, and I totally regret that I didn’t buy the yatono 8 w straight away as I was thinking going to Japan myself to get it there. However, asuha just came out and won lots of praises, cheaper too! They are all copper only cable
    Kitechaser likes this.
  6. seeteeyou
    Both YATONO 8wire and ASUHA won't work with SU-AX01 without an adapter, IMHO the obvious choice should be waiting for JVC to release their own balanced cables with dual-3.5 plugs.

    Maybe Onkyo SN-1 could be the answer?

    I couldn't find Onkyo / Pioneer on this list so most likely SN-1 won't appear in Kowloon Bay later this week

  7. endlesswaves
    Will like to hear more comparison with FW01. Maybe a balanced copper cable will help. Something EA Ares 2 is a start.
  8. toranku
    The SN-1 is fantastic. Hope I can get to hear it again. Put it next to 800 & ADX5K and I liked the Onkyo the best.
  9. Dr Riddim
    Has anyone any experience on how this new Victor flagship works with Onkyo and Pioneer portable players? JVC HA-FW01 sounds really good especially from balanced out with Onkyo Granbeat CMX1 and quite nice even with PioneerXDP-20.
  10. BlinkST
    I decided to put them back on the burn. Right now at hour 480, some of the “shoutiness” has gone down. Basically when someone raises their voice on a song, the way it hits your ears is soft and not as abrupt as before. An example of this is the opening words of this song: “first thing, Monday morning, I’m gonna pack my tears away”.

    The bolded normally hits your ears harder with the FW01.

    With some (usually older) recordings they sound so magical and open that it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing anything at all. Sometimes like a completely different earphone from the FW01. As good as those are, they don’t have that “open” sound.

    As for the bass it is still more restrained than the FW01, but at times can output the same kind of teeth-chattering bass when the song calls for it, so the bass almost seems to come out of nowhere. This is with the single-ended cable.
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  11. Kitechaser
    The older recordings are not brickwalled.
    The loudness war syndrome of the newer recordings can sound harsh with monitors that are too transparent.
    Garbage in = Garbage out

    Does anybody know if JVC will be at CanJam SoCal?
    Last edited: May 14, 2019
  12. OnyX Prime
    Try low gain?
  13. endlesswaves
    Price wise between FW01 and FW10K, getting the FW10K doesn't seems like good value.
  14. jmills8
    Then go for the cheaper one, then you go for the expensive one then you ended up paying more. Audiophile logic.
  15. toughnut
    It’s 9999 better at 3x the price. That’s a bargain.
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