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Victor HA-FW10000: 10th Anniversary model

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  1. jmills8
    Well having the M9 and Solaris didnt satisfy his desire for something more. Yeah some people buy something good but immediately start seaching for another iem, but my goal is finding a iem and being content with it for atleast a year.
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  2. Focux
    I picked up the 1650CU not long ago and am contented with how it sounds but because my right ear is smaller than my left, fit wise I’m not satifised.

    Solid metal shell is heavy too..but admittedly it does feel very premium.

    My next IEM has to be either plastic/resin or aluminium/titanium/magnesium etc.
  3. toughnut
    M9 and Solaris (which I don’t owned but auditioned for more than 6 hours in total over several sessions) are both great and deserve their spot in mid-fi realm but catered for specific taste/preference. IMHO, there’s no single headphone/IEM that can cater everyone. If someone can name me one, please do so and save my wallet.

    Currently listening with iPhone X piping FLAC/DSD to FiiO Q5/AM3B with high gain. Still brilliant sounding with hint of harshness on certain tracks. Wide stage, most probably assisted by vented design (which also meant poor isolation so a plus to M9 if isolation desired). Stage height still bettered by Solaris. M9 is more intimate and around your head and not much further away. M9 is great for monitoring and I read somewhere that’s what it’s deaigned for. Layering, separation and positioning as mentioned by several, are superb. Better than Solaris from my memory. Good example, Spotify Headphone Test Playlist, Bubbles by Yosi Horikawa. All the ball, Table Tennis, bean, bead etc are easily cued and identified, taking their own space around the head in X, Y and Z. Previously I couldn’t make out what some of the object is. So tonality is great (?)

    On detail retrieval, some background details which I heard on other higher end earphones sounded more upfront/boosted. Boosted upper mid/lower high (which explain the harshness above) or maybe due to better separation/layering giving better clarity?

    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  4. thisismyname
    Maybe you could consider Final D6000 as well, but this still not in production, only a prototype for demo appeared in portafes in Tokyo last week IMG_20190201_164610.jpg
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  5. Focux
    Haha I have the exact same case as u
  6. davidmolliere
    I am hot for the D6000 if they can nail ergonomics, LCD i4 disappointed me in this respect... this is a totally different beast though as it’s an open design so no isolation...

    To me Solaris is more of an all rounder than the FW10K, and neither I would consider mid-fi but TOTL level IEMs, mid priced (sigh) in the current market but greater value for money and close or as good as pricier TOTL. And yes, no IEM or headphone no matter how well rounded it is will cater to everyone’s taste. I have owned quite my share now including LCD i4, KSE1500, VE8 (and many more) and the FW10K and Solaris I consider to be just as TOTL as the mentioned gear.

    Right now I am looking hard at value for money, some like Warbler and especially Custom Art go against the flow providing tremendous value for money. I hope this becomes a trend...
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
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  7. toughnut
    They’re mid-fi priced but definitely TOTL iem. There’s only few option in summit-if. Khan, Fourte, Final model, for example

    Solaris a better all-rounder? Please don’t tempt me. I just ordered Micro Black Label....
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  8. davidmolliere
    Yeah well I have gone summit-if a couple of times with KSE1500 and LCD i4 and although both have their own strength they in didn’t blow my mind altogether and diminishing returns certainly do apply... they excel in particular areas but fall short elsewhere so there is that.

    I doubt you’ll be disappointed in the Micro BL great device (and great value for money).

    Solaris, the fit can make or break them depending on your anatomy (64 audio N8 in custom form is probably the closest alternate according to @twister6 comparison) and then it’s also a matter of personal preferences... I find them more fitting to Rock and dynamic genres, but don’t misread, the FW10K is a super all rounder as well just excels more in Jazz, Folk or Classical IMHO.

    The FW10K are what I dreamed the EX1000 would be back then, they are simply several levels up and tremendous value for money from the legendary EX1000 that speaks volumes... Dynamic drivers still have great days ahead of them!
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2019
  9. seeteeyou
    Do we have any owners of FW10000 who are planning to visit Japan by any chance?

    I'm drooling over their HA-WM90-B and e-earphone @ Akihabara actually got a pair for demo


    It would be great to learn more about the differences as well as similarities between FW10000 and WM90.

    Speaking of rare woodies from Japan, they also have demo for yet another pair (Onkyo SN-1) @ Akihabara


    Gosh, how come all the woodies goodies are only sold there but not anywhere else?
  10. toranku
    The WM90B and FW10k are TOTAL opposites. WM90B is a bassy headphone while FW10K goes for a brighter + slight warmth presentation.

    The SN-1 comes closer to the FW10K. SN-1 has fantastic slightly bright leaning and warm mids that are emotional. Imaging, staging and overall detail is great, though may be too much for some.
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  11. toughnut

    Anyone wish for more bass on 10k? Even with bass boost on both FiiO Q5/AM3B and iFi Micro BL, I’m still left wanting more on bass heavy tracks. It’s not bass shy for sure as on certain tracks when it hit the right note, the bass come alive really hard.

    Another question, whats the difference between Spiral Dot (+ version?) included with 10k to usual Spiral Dot? The one included is kinda “sticky” which I like. Really good seal and stable fitment.
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  12. toughnut
    Hmmmm. Bass is back. Same level of warmth and presence as first impression but with improved articulation/control now. The harshness encounter during first impression, its gone too. Not even hint of it at elevated listening volume. In fact I find it very enjoyable to listen at higher volume.... Maybe my ear is screwed due to sinus problem or burn-in effect.

    Edit: burn in around 60hours mark now, mostly with cascade noise file.
    Last edited: Feb 10, 2019
  13. jmills8
    I noticed this myself after a few days. A slight less bass, more treble than presto back to what sold men
  14. toughnut
    I thought my ear/brain is playing trick.

    Blade Runner 2049 OST never sound so good.
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  15. toughnut
    I checked further on the Spiral Dot+, it's actually some kind of memory silicon. The surface texture mimic those of Comply foam tip. Sticky and with shape memory but in shape of regular silicon tip. Both contribute to stable, comfortable and secure seal without need of foam tip. Mind-boggling.

    "The Spiral Dot+ Earpieces are made of SMP iFit material, which mimics human skin characteristics."
    Source: https://www.stuff.tv/my/hotstuff-jvc-ha-fw10000-earphones-malaysia

    Further reading on these NASA grade material;

    Reference packaging photo from JVC after my inquiry on pricing. Seem like it’s not on sale yet.
    Last edited: Feb 13, 2019
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